Bagnols-sur-Cèze: the Horloge bar-tabac changes owners

Bagnols-sur-Cèze: the Horloge bar-tabac changes owners

Régis Da Costa et Charlotte Portal sont les nouveaux heureux propriétaires du bar de l’Horloge depuis lundi. Midi Libre – C. C.

D’ambulanciers à cafetiers, ce couple de Bagnolais se lance dans l’aventure !

Last Friday evening, after thirty-four years of good and loyal service, Stéphane and Bruno Goupille pulled the curtain for the last time of the bar-tabac de l’Horloge, at the top of the street of the Republic. Direction: retirement!
The new owners are from Bagnols: Charlotte Portal was born and raised in Bagnols. Régis Da Costa arrived twenty-seven years ago from the Alès area for his job. Both worked as ambulance drivers in a Bagnolais company. "In this job, you never know when the day is going to end. We work nights, weekends… We wanted a change, we were tired of the miles. And we prefer to see people laughing!", testifies the couple, who signed the final deed at the notary on Monday. Tuesday, direction Montpellier for customs files. The administrative procedures are numerous and substantial. They have been moving forward step by step since October.

"A place of conviviality"

Charlotte and Régis keep the same offer as their predecessors: bar, tabac, PMU and Française des jeux, for which they had to follow training. &quot ;For us, it’s a learning experience! We knocked on all the doors to get help. Initiative Gard followed us, a Bagnolese bank also." In March, the couple spent two weeks behind the counter with the Goupille brothers. "You need to have a good memory !"concludes Charlotte after this first experience. "I have always loved human connection. Here, it’s a place of conviviality", enthuses Régis who fell in love with this location in the pedestrian center. Charlotte is a lover of old stones. Here it is served with the magnificent old vaults of this bar.

Giant screen

The couple is working on refreshing the place and decorating "in our own way". The cafe owners have invested in a giant screen, "soon the Euro and the Olympics !".& nbsp;Waiting for a final administrative response, the duo of neo-retailers hope to open on Wednesday April 17.

The Horloge bar-tabac will be open from Tuesday to Sunday inclusive from 7:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. non-stop or a little later. To be continued. I subscribe to read more

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