Baltimore bridge collapse: Beware of this explosion video circulating on social media

Baltimore bridge collapse: Beware of this explosion video circulating on social media

A gauche les images de l'effondrement du pont à Baltimore, à droite une capture montrant l'explosion d'un pont en Crimée. Captures X

Be careful, fake news. In the aftermath of the impressive collapse of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore in the United States, a video continues to circulate on social networks, claiming to show another angle of the tragedy.

While the investigation continues and the exact causes of the cargo boat accident which caused the collapse of a bridge in Baltimore in the United States are being investigated. study, false information is circulating on social networks. Among them, a video, allegedly showing the bridge from another angle and revealing a large explosion, invisible on the wide shots broadcast massively.

This video is in no way a video filmed on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, when the ship hit a bridge in Baltimore in the United States. These are actually images of a bridge in Crimea which exploded in October 2022, says TF1.


Behind these widely distributed images, the insinuation that elements were hidden in the affair of the collapse of the bridge. TF1indicates that some people on social networks want to suggest that there was an intention to cause harm through the cargo accident. Conspiracy accounts go so far as to question the causes of the bridge collapse.

If the investigation is ongoing, several specialists interviewed by our colleagues are categorical: no bridge would have withstood such a shock with a cargo boat of this size. "The kinetic energy of a cargo ship is gigantic, and no pillar of a bridge could withstand such a shock! Most often, it collapses very quickly or even immediately, indicates in particular the bridge and road engineer Michel Virlogeux at Parisian.

While investigations seek to determine the causes of the tragedy, it seems at this stage that the MV Dali may have suffered a "momentary loss of propulsion& ;quot; Tuesday. He had just reported an electrical problem. A few minutes later, he hit the Francis-Scott-Key Bridge. Six people are missing and the search has been suspended.

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