Basketball: Aveyronnaise Leïla Lacan selected in 10th position in the 2024 WNBA Draft

Basketball: Aveyronnaise Leïla Lacan selected in 10th position in the 2024 WNBA Draft

Leïla Lacan a évolué deux saisons à Angers en LFB. MAXPPP – Manuel Blondeau

The young Aveyron leader Leïla Lacan was selected by the Connecticut Sun team with the tenth choice in the 2024 WNBA Draft. The other Frenchwoman in this vintage, Carla Leite, was selected in ninth position by Dallas .

Two new French women joined the WNBA last night. Carla Leite was selected by Dallas with the ninth pick, and Aveyron native Leila Lacan, 19, was drafted in tenth position by the Connecticut Sun franchise.

After having cut her teeth in Baraqueville, Rodez and the Occitanie pole, she joined the France pole in 2020, then the UF Angers Basket in 2022, which opened the doors to the French team, with whom she now has eleven selections.

Author of a 12-point season averaging 35% shooting, she does not necessarily say she is ready to join the American league this summer, with the Games in her sights, as she confides to the Team:"I will go when it is possible, when everything is aligned. If I want to go there, it’s partly because it’s the best league in the world and I want to go and confront the best ."

According to BeBasket, the Aveyron leader should not leave across the Atlantic in 2025 either. As a reminder, the franchises own the rights to the players for three seasons.

Caitlin Clark, new star of the WNBA

Huge sensation for several seasons in the NCAA with the University of Iowa, Caitlin Clark was logically selected in first position in the draft by the Indiana Fever franchise.

She notably became the best scorer in the history of the NCAA for all sexes, even if she never managed to win the title, despite two finals in 2023 and 2024.

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