Basketball: Frontignan offered itself ideal preparation for the final

Basketball: Frontignan offered itself ideal preparation for the final

Septième victoire et retour dans le positif pour le FLPB. MIDI LIBRE – E.R.

Les hommes de Stéphane Olivieri se sont imposés 72-94 à Nîmes.

Hormis la finale de la Coupe de l’Hérault qui se jouera samedi à Castelnau, le Gard correspondait au dernier déplacement pour les hommes de Stéphane Olivieri.

A place on the podium with a success at home against Ossun is a challenge that the group can still set. For this, on the last day, we will have to count on a victory for Saint-Gély over Montauban. By winning in Nîmes, largely, and by involving the entire squad, the team showed that it was in continuity after its success over the leader. The coach is greatly satisfied: « The guys were serious. From the start, with a 12-28 score in the first quarter, they were able to put themselves out of reach. This victory is beneficial for the future, we were able to bring intensity to both sides of the field. The last quarter at +8 shows that we wanted to stay focused, which is encouraging. I congratulate my players ».

The last official match of the season in the league will take place at home on May 25. BC Ossunois will be the evening visitor. In the meantime, the final against Ouest-Montpellier (permanently removed from first place after its defeat on Saturday), is now the number one objective…

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