Basketball: in turmoil, Frontignan sees his dream of accession to N3 disappear

Basketball: in turmoil, Frontignan sees his dream of accession to N3 disappear

The Frontignanais have turned their back on the climb to N3. FREE NOON – E.R.

Stéphane Olivieri's men lost the Hérault derby this Saturday March 9 in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, 80-62.

It was a derby for this second trip in a row, there will be a third next Saturday near Tarbes. And it went badly, the Frontignanais-Lapeyradois basketball players having certainly put an end to their quest for the initial objective.

A collective disaster in the first half

It is difficult to see, after this second defeat against the Montpellier leaders, how the situation could now change. With a catastrophic first half, a real collective shipwreck, punished by a 53-25 on the scoreboard, all in the middle of a copiously full room, Stéphane Olivieri's group made it literally tossed around like a wisp of straw in the middle of the storm.

Forced to proceed most often with hazardous long passes, he was never able to get rid of the enemy's high and effective pressing where Bazile N’Zongo, a former member of the house, did not ;rsquo;unfortunately did not fail to remember his former teammates.

Lacking in skill and with an abnormally high number of ball losses, the group was unrecognizable before a sudden start restored a semblance of thrill among the supporters who had made the trip.

Too little too late

The coach had some pretty harsh, but fair, words at the end of the match: « We experienced a first period of complete lethargy while on the other hand it was euphoria. We only got out of the locker room in second grade but they were already way too far away ».

From 28 points behind, thanks to a surge particularly in the defensive sector, the visitors came back to 18 in the end, too little however to give depth to their performance.

Six days before the end of the pre-national championship, it is therefore a place of honor and a Hérault Cup that we will now have to seek.

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