Basketball: the major meeting of Alès senior girls 1

Basketball: the major meeting of Alès senior girls 1

Les filles de l’Entente Alès vont défier les Héraultaises, ce dimanche 5 mai. MIDI LIBRE – DR

This weekend, the girls from the Entente Alès Basket Club are expected at the Daudet gymnasium.

With 285 licensees and 24 teams, the Entente Alès Basket Club sees the end of the championships approaching and several of its teams have qualified for the final phases of the Coupe du Gard. At the same time, this Sunday, May 5, at 3:30 p.m., at the Daudet gymnasium, in Alès, the senior girls 1, who will access the Pre-National championship next season, will host the club of ES Paulhan, from Hérault, for the last meeting of the regional championship.

Who makes up this Alesian team?

The Alesian team, currently in second place in its championship and coached by Robin Farjaud, is made up of Sihem Benzouaoui, Lycinda Féraud, Inès Mendez, Émilie Gehl, Axelle Rabanis, Natacha Stintzy, Clara Kelemen, Margot Merono, Kaly Rouger, Margaux Pradère, Sounia Benlefki and Mélissa Ble Kore.

For the record, the club will be present during the Ascension Fair since it will hold its bodega on Boulevard Louis-Blanc, near the courthouse.

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