“Be wary of what you see on the networks”: YouTuber Inoxtag’s guide sows doubt about his ascent of Everest

“Be wary of what you see on the networks”: YouTuber Inoxtag’s guide sows doubt about his ascent of Everest

Le Youtubeur Inoxtag n’a pas encore officialisé la réussite de son grand défi Capture d'écran Youtube

The influencer is back and in good health following his crazy expedition. His guide posted a reassuring message on social networks this Sunday, May 26. However, the "success" concerning the climb of Everest to its summit has not yet been made official by the protagonists, despite multiple rumors from Internet users .

It’was the biggest challenge of his young career. The content creator set out to climb Everest in Nepal almost two months ago, completing it on the 21st. ;may.

All Internet users immediately came to salute the feat, which seemed difficult due to violent weather conditions. However, this story of "summit reached" has neither been made official by the principal concerned, nor by his physical trainer, Mathis Dumas, who posted a first official message on his Instagram account.

A reassuring message without a signal of victory

As reported by Le Parisien, Inoxtag is back and doing well. "We are both in good health", explains Mathis Dumas, friend and guide of the Youtube star on his latest Instagram post. He goes on to say that Inès, her real name, would be "need to take a step back from what happened during this adventure by staying away from the networks for the moment " .

Before thanking the fans for their unfailing support, the thirty-year-old sowed doubt about the congratulatory messages received for his arrival at the top. "In the meantime, be wary of what you see on the networks ", alerts the guide by not confirming the success of the physical challenge.

Specialists had announced before his departure that the challenge was very dangerous and only accessible with great experience, relays BFM TV. Even if the 22-year-old videographer dedicated his year 2023 to intense preparation, was the highest peak in the world with its 8,849 compatible with his physical and mental abilities ?

A question deliberately left vague, he who stated before his departure that he did not want " any information on the ascension before the release of his documentary ". A feature film which will be entirely dedicated to his adventure in Asia, and which will reveal the mysterious answer. It will be available for free on his YouTube channel, which has 7 million subscribers, and will be released at the beginning of September.

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