Bearer of the flame, Nathalie Dorcival's Olympic dream

Bearer of the flame, Nathalie Dorcival's Olympic dream

Bearer of the flame, Nathalie Dorcival's Olympic dream

Nathalie Dorcival, sélectionnée pour porter la flamme à Montpellier. Midi Libre – DR

Nathalie Dorcival was selected to participate in the individual relay of the Olympic flame bearers. She will carry out her relay on May 13 in the streets of Montpellier.

Almost 100 days before the start of the Olympic Games in Paris, the flame began its journey to France. This Tuesday morning, during a ceremony in an ancient temple in Olympia, Greece, the flame was lit. After crossing the Mediterranean, she will arrive in Marseille on May 8.

There were more than 100,000 candidates at the start who wanted to carry the Olympic flame around France. After the selection there are only 10,000 left for the Olympic relay and 1,000 for the Paralympic relay, including Nathalie Dorcival, the baker, patron of Granges de Nathalie on the ring road.

The Olympic flame passing through Montpellier

From May 8 in Marseille, until Paris on the day of the opening ceremony of the Games, July 26, the torch bearers, alone or in a group, will follow one another.

"At first, I thought it was a joke when I was contacted by message, se recalls the shopkeeper. I asked my bank, a partner of the Olympic Games, who confirmed the initiative. I was surprised and at the same time very honored to be asked to participate in this event. It’s a unique experience. The human side with the collective relays with people with disabilities touched me a lot."

A very rigorous organization

The organization is very strict when it comes to the running of the relays: "I am summoned on May 13, to Montpellier in the center of flame bearers. We will be notified of the location at the last minute for security reasons. We will receive official attire for the occasion and we will be positioned on the course."

An information meeting was held in Montpellier at the sponsor's home with the other selected people from the region. "I was very surprised by the rigor of the organization. Everything is timed, it's very precise."

Nathalie Dorcival is ready: "We have to do a 200 meter relay. The torch can be held for a maximum of four minutes. I will try to make the most of it, and not run too fast. We will be accompanied by a flame guardian, in case it goes out, as well as a security team."

An Olympic dream

Nathalie Dorcival will live her Olympic dream: "The games bring the whole world together. It’s a moment of celebration with athletes from all over the world. It’s a significant event, a moment of joy, of brotherhood in peace."

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