“Being mayor of Agde was not in my plans,” confides Sébastien Frey, elected last Friday by the municipal council.

“Being mayor of Agde was not in my plans,” confides Sébastien Frey, elected last Friday by the municipal council.

Sébastien Frey a nommé ses adjoints. Ici Clémence Raphanel, élue aux finances de la ville. Midi Libre – Michael Esdourrubailh

The new mayor of Agde answered our questions Friday evening, a few moments after his election.

What state of mind are you in after your election??

It’s always a solemn moment, which reminds us of our responsibilities before the Agathois. And in the current circumstances, to the work that has been carried out with Gilles D’Ettore and to all that remains to be accomplished in the name of a coherence that we owe from my point of view view preserved.

You have been a municipal elected official since the age of 22 (he will soon be 52). Being mayor of the city, for the child of Cap d’Agde that you are, it was in the back of your mind ?

It might have been, but then it was a very, very long time ago (laughs)! To be honest, it wasn't in my plans at all. Circumstances have meant that I now assume the responsibilities incumbent on me, due to my presence within the team for a certain number of years.< /p>

According to you, your election puts an end to this political sequence (Gilles D’Ettore was incarcerated on March 21, Editor's note) which is, to say the least, disrupted& ;nbsp;?

For several weeks already, after the shock of the search at the town hall and then the indictment of Gilles D’Ettore, we have resumed an almost normal rhythm. The team is at work and there is no disagreement within the team, contrary to what the opposition states. Everyone is at their post.

We take as proof the fact that the majority voted as one man. Not a voice was missed. This is a strong signal?

That didn’t surprise me. This is a sign that the opposition is talking a lot of nonsense.

The opposition speaks of broken trust with you. She is in her role ? It’is too severe ?

I think that the opposition should be more concerned with projects that interest the people of Agath, rather than commenting on a judicial investigation that it absolutely wants to manipulate and which for my part I do not comment on.

You listed priorities at the end of your speech (thinking about parking, accelerating the road repair program, continuing the revision of the Local D’ town planning, development of the city's parks and gardens…). Will they be carried out in the two years that separate us from the next municipal election??

(Close) Yes. Each of these priorities will be implemented over the next two years. The terms used this evening (Friday) have been weighed and considered, so that in two years we will be able to present the results of the proposals we have made.

The opposition, through the voice of Thierry Nadal, wants you to break with, I quote, "the system of’Ettore", particularly with his cabinet colleagues. What do you answer ?

That there is no D’Ettore  system! There is a community that operates according to well-established rules. With a municipal team, an administration and a cabinet. There is nothing abnormal. The team in place is at work, united, there is no disagreement. We are in a form of continuity and are implementing the project for which we were elected. There is no reason for this to change.

Impose your style in less than two years, that's short no ?

Imposing isn't really like me. This will happen naturally. My style, as you say, is not that of Gilles D’Ettore. We certainly have a common project, but our personalities, our management methods are different.

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