Bell tower inaugurated in Lodève, challenge in the Etang de Thau, demonstration for the Saint-Affrique hospital… the essential news in the region

Bell tower inaugurated in Lodève, challenge in the Etang de Thau, demonstration for the Saint-Affrique hospital… the essential news in the region

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Saint-Fulcran Cathedral has found its bell tower

#LODEVE. No more scaffolding and hello tricolor ribbon. The Lodévois, their mayor Gaëlle Lévêque at the head, the archbishop of Montpellier, Mgr Turini, the archpriest of Lodève, Jean-Côme About but also the president of the Occitanie region, Carole Delga, the prefect of the Lodève region. rsquo;Hérault, François-Xavier Lauch, mayors and parliamentarians inaugurated the bell tower of Saint-Fulcran on Saturday. The renovation project (1.8 M€ including 1.2 M€ from the State, 200,000 € from the Region, 50,000 € from the department and 335,000 € euro from the municipality of Lodève) will have lasted two years before the bells brighten up again on Saturday. The building was, in 1840, one of the first listed monuments in France.

A birthday under water

#SETE Roger Citerici is confident… and sporty. His project is simple: drink champagne 6 meters deep in the Thau pond. When we know that it is to celebrate his 85th birthday, on June 8, the challenge appears a little greater. Based in Balaruc-les-Bains since 2015, this Marseillais, in great shape, is not his first extraordinary challenge. This seasoned diver, former engineer at the Cadarache nuclear center, has already swum across the Thau pond in 2019… hellip; for his 80th spring. Some 2.7 km covered in 65 minutes which testify to a patiently maintained physical condition. As training for this challenge, Roger Citerici swims 2 km three times a week.

The Musée de la Romanité pleases

#NIMES It’s a good first quarter for the Musée de la Romanité de Nîmes, according to the management of the establishment. Some 23,451 passed through the doors of the structure during the first three months of the year, an increase of 9%. The Easter weekend saw attendance jump 38% compared to 2023 while the museum also recorded some 25,000 members of its community on social networks. And visitors don’t only come from Occitanie. 20% of them are in fact Swiss, Spanish, Belgian, German or English.

Today’s figure: 400

#LOZERE This is the number of “residents” a little special from the atypical museum of Maurice and Denise Gladine. On Aubrac, near Fau-de-Peyre, the couple collected scarecrows. Each one tells a story, from Michael Jackson to the police officer in the situation. Who says scarecrow says bird, in this case it was a hawk who came to eat their chickens who started the movement. It has not stopped since 1999. Visiting the museum is free, photos require payment.

Mobilized for the defense of the hospital

#SAINT-AFFRIQUE Around 600 people demonstrated on Saturday morning in Saint-Affrique as the construction of a joint hospital near the sub-prefecture of Millau is taking shape. From 10 a.m., the procession gathered in front of the gates of the Emile-Borel hospital in Saint-Affrique, before reaching the streets of the city center. Everyone responded to the call launched several days ago, « to users and health professionals » by the inter-union and doctors from the hospital. "The project to build a new hospital near Millau cannot be used to devitalize the current hospitals&quot ;. Dissensions have emerged as discussions are underway around the design of the common hospital. At the end of March, 10 out of 22 beds were closed in the short-stay medicine department. For the CGT, the steering committee "favors the construction of the common hospital at the expense of existing structures. This is contrary to the commitments of the medical project".

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