Between “out of control” chickens and a proliferation of rats: the inhabitants of this English village recount their daily hell

Between “out of control” chickens and a proliferation of rats: the inhabitants of this English village recount their daily hell

Des poulets sèment la zizanie dans un village anglais. (illustration) CHUTTERSNAP sur Unsplash

La situation est devenue très complexe pour les habitants d’un petit village britannique dans le comté du Norfolk. Les animaux sauvages font vivre un enfer à ces résidants.

For several weeks, "wild" would sow panic in this small village, Snettisham, located in England in an area considered very rural. The daily life of the inhabitants is completely turned upside down and becomes difficult to live with: disrupted sleep, ravaged land… hellip; they can't take it anymore, reports the Guardian.


If the landscape may seem magnificent for lovers of the countryside, the behind the scenes is much less so for those on site.

If we do not know who the owners of these backyard birds are, these chickens which sow terror could initially be domestic, then fled into the woods before becoming completely "wild", specify our colleagues. But what is certain is their number which continues to increase. Nearly a hundred would wander the village.

If the situation may make some people smile, the inhabitants of Snettisham are no longer laughing and are at their wits' end. The ride of these feathered animals begins at 4 a.m., disturbing the sleep of many people and forcing them to wear earplugs. The lawns are overturned and the poorly closed trash cans are ripped open, explains Ben, 48 years old.

One of his friends indicates that they "are now out of control". "They are really annoying. They dig up everything. It’s not just food for the chickens, but also any trash they can find", breath& nbsp;Rod Mackenzie, parish councilor of Snettisham, who can't take it anymore.

In addition, the presence of these chickens divides the inhabitants. Thus two groups are formed: the "for" and the "against" , which creates tensions.

More rats

But the nightmare does not end there since other animals invite themselves into the village. While some see fit to feed birds, this food would attract rats. "Councillors have noted concerns from local residents about people throwing away food waste for chickens. This leaves foul-smelling waste and encourages the proliferation of rodents. There is therefore a potential public health risk", it is noted in a parish council report.

Specialists should soon intervene in the streets of Snettisham and find a refuge for the chickens, note Ouest France.

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