Bison Futé sees red this Friday and predicts difficult traffic for the Pentecost weekend

Bison Futé sees red this Friday and predicts difficult traffic for the Pentecost weekend

Traffic is expected to be difficult during this last long weekend before the summer holidays. ILLUSTRATION MAXPPP – Vincent Isore

There will be people on the roads this weekend warns Bison Futé, which announces very difficult traffic this Friday, May 17 in the direction of departures, especially on the routes leading to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

This is the last long weekend before the summer holidays, and therefore it is expected to experience very " numerous trips", warns Bison Futé. The desired destinations are generally a short or medium distance from home. Visitors to coastal areas will be favored and traffic will be difficult, especially if the weather is favorable.

Red Friday

The road forecaster announces traffic difficulties this Pentecost weekend, which should begin this Friday, May 17. Bison Futé class d&rsquo ;elsewhere in red traffic in the direction of departures. "Traffic should, in particular, be very busy on the A7, along the Mediterranean Arc and on the Atlantic coast (A11, N165 and A63)", plans the national road center.

But traffic is also expected to be very dense in Île-de-France, particularly on the A6 and A10 motorways. Furthermore, the A13 motorway should still be closed to traffic between Paris and Vaucresson; Motorists from the Ile-de-France region wishing to reach Normandy are therefore advised to take the A14, the A15 or the N12.

In the direction of returns, many difficulties are expected, particularly on the routes serving the Mediterranean arc, but also on the motorways serving the northern regions (A1 and A2).

Saturday and Monday orange

With weekend departures which will be spread between Friday and Saturday, traffic remains difficult at the national level this Saturday, May 18, in particular on the routes serving the L’ Mediterranean arc (A7 and A9) and on the Atlantic coast (A63 and N165). Bison futé has classified the day orange in the direction of departures throughout France.

In Île-de-France, from early in the morning, traffic will be heavy on the A6 and A10 motorways. From mid-morning, traffic is expected to intensify significantly, making it difficult to travel on these highways. The axes which converge towards the A10 and A6 motorways could also encounter traffic difficulties.

Finally, Monday 19, Pentecost Monday, traffic jams are again announced, this time in the direction of returns, traffic. The motorways of the Mediterranean Arc (A7 and A9) and the axes serving the west of the country (A63, N165) will be the busiest. Traffic difficulties will be recorded throughout the afternoon and could still be present until late in the evening (mainly on the A10).

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