BLMA: the Gazelles win like bosses on the Charnay floor to take a good option before the return

BLMA: the Gazelles win like bosses on the Charnay floor to take a good option before the return

meryst Alston a signé 20 points en sortie de banc, pour aider les Gazelles à l’emporter. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

En l’emportant sans trembler sur le parquet de Charnay en quart de finale aller de LFB, Lattes-Montpellier a mis toutes les chances de son côté pour le retour.

After Lyon and Bourges, heavily beaten the day before, Lattes-Montpellier would in turn fall against one of the “small” teams for these 2024 playoffs ? Faced with Charnay, ranked 5th at the end of the regular phase, the BLMA fortunately did not fall into the trap.

He was also able to take advantage of the lack of address of the Mâconnaises (37.7% against 46.2% for Lattes-Montpellier) to quickly offer himself a 0- 10 thanks to Élodie Naigre and Ameryst Alston (2-10, 5th). With a 9 pt lead (4-13, 6th then 10-19, 10th), Valéry Demory's players were in the best position.

The technical sheet



Coupe Room.
Quarter time details: 10-19, 23-18, 11-24, 18-16.
Referees: MM. Rosso, Maret and Vigne.
CHARNAY : 23/61 including 7/28 at 3 pts, 9 LFs/12, 14 assists, 34 rebounds, 5 interceptions, 3 blocks, 17 lost balls, 18 mistakes.

Thomas (20 pts), Akoa-Makani (5), Balayera (3), Traylor (2), Chabrier (2) then Vilka (17), Djaldi-Tabdi (13), Muzet and Abdi .

LATTES-MONTPELLIER : 24/52 including 12/22 at 3 pts, 17 LF/20, 18 assists (Berniès, 5) , 35 rebounds (Jenkins, 11), 11 interceptions (Rabot, 5), 15 lost balls, 16 fouls.

Naigre (15 pts), Jenkins (13), Bernies (13), Touré (12), Rabot (2) then Alston (20), Caetano (2), Zemoura.

But the Pinkies reacted. Quickly and well under the leadership of Maëva Djaldi-Tabdi and Kate Vilka who completely revived the locals (17-19, 13th), going so far as to regain the advantage after a 10-0 (20- 19).
Alisia Jenkins, however, put an end to this series with two consecutive baskets (20-25, 15th). But if the promoted player played eye to eye (28-25, 17th), it was Lattes-Montpellier who reached the locker room in the lead (33-37, 20th) thanks to Alston (20 pts in the end).

Berniès and Naigre punish at long distance

The Pinkies not having learned the lesson that the Gazelles had given them twenty minutes earlier, the Montpellier women took the opportunity to knock out the Charnaysiennes in less than five minutes (38-50, 25th).

Often behind the ball carrier and accumulating bad choices, the locals could no longer find the path to the basket. With the counter stuck at 38 pts scored, Charnay plunged inexorably (38-58, 28th).

Across the street, Romane Bernies and Élodie Naigre were enjoying themselves at 3 pts. Until giving a viaticum of 22 units to the BLMA (39-61, 29th). Despite a last stand (50-65, 33rd) from Shakayla Thomas in particular (20 pts), mass was said.

And the evening succeeded with a 62-77 success for the Gazelles.
It will now take one day without – a defeat of 16 pts – next Tuesday in Lattes for the BLMA not to be able to invite itself into the last four of the French championship. A logical reward for a collective which concluded the regular phase in 4th place.

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