Blue March: a conference on colorectal cancer organized at the Vendargues library by Aésio Santé

Blue March: a conference on colorectal cancer organized at the Vendargues library by Aésio Santé

Il est important de se faire dépister. MAXPPP – MICHEL CLEMENTZ

On Thursday March 28, 2024, from 6:30 p.m., the teams of visceral surgeons and gastroenterologists from the Institut Mutualiste Montpelliérain, Clinique Beau Soleil, Aésio Santé establishment, and the ;rsquo;Mon Réseau Cancer Colorectal patient association, will give a conference on colorectal cancer at the Vendargues Library.

As part of March Bleu, in partnership with the Vendargues town hall, the teams from the Beau Soleil clinic and the Mon Réseau Cancer Colorectal association are organizing a conference on colorectal cancer, from screening to treatment, from 18 & nbsp;h 30, March 28, 2024, at the Jean d’Ormesson library.

Which program?

Colorectal cancer screening, when, how, why ? Momad Team, Montpellier Diseases of the Digestive System Medical imaging in colorectal cancer screening, Dr Julie Colleau, radiologist

From new technologies in the treatment of colorectal cancer presented:

Interventional endoscopy: Momad team Robotic surgery: Dr Eric Jacquet & Dr Pierre Puche, visceral surgeons Testimony from a representative of the Mon Cancer Colorectal network: Cyril Sarrauste

Colon cancer

This event is free and open to all, it will be followed by a cocktail dinner. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in France for all sexes combined. It affects 42,000 people in France each year. However, when detected early, colorectal cancer is cured more than 9 times out of 10. Screening concerns men and women from the age of 50.

This is a test for blood in the stool. It is very easily done at home with a kit that the& rsquo;found in pharmacies. The symptoms of colorectal cancer being quite vague and detectable only after a long course, screening is the best solution for effective treatment.

Aésio Santé: innovative mutualist player

Caring, Supporting, Innovating: this is the guiding principle of the mutualist actor. It offers, through nearly 200 health establishments, a range of care and services, adapted to each territory.

Aésio is also present in the field health and medico-social. From surgery to medicine, including oncology, care follow-up and rehabilitation, home hospitalization, radiology, health centers, dental…

But it is also present in reception for the elderly, people with disabilities, early childhood and home services person or even innovation, research and development.

Always with this aim of caring, supporting, innovating, Aésio deals with the sectors of goods and services: pharmacies, optical centers, hearing aids, general orthopedics and medical equipment.

On a daily basis, 5,100 healthcare professionals s’invest to care for, accompany, support and provide to their patients, residents and clients , ever more innovative solutions.

Faced with the challenges of our society: aging of the population, development of chronic diseases, scarcity of public finances, the mutualist group continues its ambition to promote the ;access for all to quality care.

For this and concretely, the teams work in the field to develop e-health and facilitate access to remote specialists or benefit from tools based on artificial intelligence to identify and prevent fragility.

It also strives to create local health centers in areas affected by medical desertification and to optimize care pathways and avoid interruptions in care and hospitalizations.

Aésio Santé is also responsible for experimenting with new supports and tools to provide new solutions in support patients.

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