Bulles des Cévennes, soaps to slip into everyone’s hands

Bulles des Cévennes, soaps to slip into everyone’s hands

Lucile Vantard accueille également le public, sur rendez-vous, dans son atelier à la Favède. Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

Soap maker based in La Favède, trained at the European University of Flavors and Scents in Forcalquier (04), Lucile Vantard has continued, since 2018, the development of her small cold saponification business.

It looks like the south, At the gates of the Cévennes, Bambouseraie, Swimming in the river, Walk with my donkey… Through the nickname of her soaps, Lucile Vantard evokes the fragrant heart of her inspiration: the Cévennes.
Concerned from the creation of the project in 2018, in La Favède, in Salles-du-Gardon, to play the short circuit card as much as possible, the soap maker overcame the Covid pitfall and was able to enrich its range of six new creations.
The construction of a boutique space offers new comfort without changing anything from the initial requirement: organic vegetable oils, natural ingredients and cold saponification. Technique acquired during her training at the European University of Scents and Flavors in Forcalquier, Lucile Vantard shapes "ultra-soft basic soaps supplemented with a superfat adapted to sensitive skin". Handmade products, made in small quantities, with the shortest possible supply. As inspiration to design new products.
A process lasting almost a year including " formulation, testing, evaluation and marketing " driven by the Cévennes, a source of olfactory and cultural inspiration.
" Very often inspiration comes from a smell, a vision during a hike. Walking with my donkey, beyond the cosmetic qualities of donkey's milk, is a tribute to Modestine, for example, smiles Lucile Vantard. Black earths (a superfat enriched with activated carbon) evoke the green of maritime pines and the black of coal. That is to say the mining past and the forestry present. Its scent of anise and licorice comes from the antesite drink that the miners drank down there. The lip balm is based on chestnut honey from Sainte-Cécile-d’Andorge… "
A range of facial and body oils completes the fifteen soap bars to discover on direct sale during the next summer markets, from the website and during a visit, by appointment, of the workshop located in La Favède.

Bulles de Cévennes at Salles-du-Gardon. Such. 06 72 05 06 36. I subscribe to read more

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