Bullfight and killing in debate, success of free, the tour of bodegas… the essential news in the region

Bullfight and killing in debate, success of free, the tour of bodegas... the essential news in the region

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Lady Gala, première cidrerie

#GARD RHODANIEN –Lady Gala, the first cider house in the Rhone Gard, is a project developed in the mind of Niall Thibault, a thirty-year-old with Scottish origins, who grew up in the Gard. Today it has come to fruition, in Salazac, with the ambition of offering "its cider to Occitanie"< /em>. Niall Thibault says: "The Lady Gala 2024 pear cider is a great success. Its elegant palate gives it a more subtle appearance than ordinary ciders." This perry is made from pears coming from an arboricultural cooperative near Pont-Saint- Spirit. A 100% Gardoise initiative!

Increase in travelers with free transport

#MONTPELLIER –This was the great unknown, since the implementation of free transport in Montpellier, on December 21, 2023. Well, it’s a great success, since the number of travelers is up by 23.7 %. "An increase was particularly observed during traditionally off-peak hours, reflecting diversified uses (leisure, sociability…)", explains the Metropolis. In addition, incivility has fallen by 26% in five years. It is the attacks against Tam agents which drop the most, from 70 to 39 cases, while those against travelers increase (from 11 to 15 cases). At the same time, the daily number of cyclists has also increased (+16.2%) and carpooling is bearing fruit. 31,652 daily journeys are shared.

The number of the day: 18

#FERIA DE NÎMES – This is the number of bodegas validated by the City, for the 2024 Pentecost feria, which officially opens Thursday May 16, 2024 with the traditional pégoulade. Among these, two new ones, the Burladero (behind the Saint-Paul church) and Simone (crown square), and the usual party places like Pablo-Romero, the Prolé, the Carré Rose or the & rsquo;Imperator…Hundreds of thousands of revelers are expected until 2 a.m. Thursday May 16, 3 a.m. on the weekend and 1 a.m. Monday May 20. Let the party begin!

Corrida in Pérols: the killing under debate

#BULLSHIT –In May 2023, the administrative court of Montpellier, ruling on an interim suspension of anti-corrida associations, canceled the deliberation of the Pérols municipal council deciding to organize a novillada on July 15, 2023. The judge considered that the holding of this spectacle with killing "was contrary to the provisions of article 521 of the Penal Code", that the local tradition had been interrupted, Pérols not having hosted a bullfight since 2003. But he had given himself one year to make a final decision. The hearing took place on Tuesday May 14. The public rapporteur considered that despite the presence of arenas and a century-old bullfighting club in Pérols, there was no uninterrupted local tradition of bullfighting with killing. She therefore considered that the deliberations of the 2023 municipal council were contrary to the law. She asked the municipality to pay a fine to Crac Europe and the Anticorrida Alliance Montpellier. The court's decision will be rendered "within two weeks".

Internships: thousands of offers

#OCCITANIE – 50,000 students in the region are involved in the end-of-school year company internship. To help high school students and their families find companies willing to open their doors to general and technological seconds, the Occitanie Region has created a platform: ID Stages Occitanie (idstages.laregion.fr) connected to the national platform 1 young person 1 solution . More than 5,000 internship offers are available on ID Stages Occitanie, as well as advice on writing a CV and a cover letter and information on careers. All aimed at high school students, but also middle school students, who are also taking an end-of-year internship, and students.



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