Cantal Cup: Entente Nord Lozère won its place in the semi-final

Cantal Cup: Entente Nord Lozère won its place in the semi-final

Les verts gagnent leur ticket pour le prochain tour. DR – Facebook ENL

L’Entente Nord Lozère (R2) se défait du FC Pays de Rance (R3) sur le score de 2 à 1 en quart de finale de coupe du Cantal et continue sur sa lancée.

Despite a team weakened by several absences and very difficult playing conditions, Lilian Condon's men were able to overcome their opponents and remain in the race for a new coronation. On paper, the Énélistes arrived better armed than the Cantaliens for this confrontation. But even if locals play in a lower division, they knew how to put the Lozériens in difficulty.

At the start of the match, the greens controlled the game and the ENL opened the scoring in the 18th minute. After a recovery in midfield from Sacha Touron, Pierre Serain, launched on the right side, delivers a very good cross for Arthur Brugeron who ends with a touch of the ball (1-0). A goal which wakes up the Rougetois, but who will not be able to come back to the score despite a fairly balanced first half. The two teams return to the locker rooms with a score of 1 to 0 in favor of the Lozériens.

To be continued, the Vallée de l’Authre

Back on the pitch, we had to wait until the 55th minute of play for the match to restart. Mathis Mazaudier overflows on the left, eliminates his defender at the entrance to the area then crosses for Paulin Bigot who finishes with a left-footed strike. The goalkeeper is beaten, the ENL makes the break (2-0).

But the Cantaliens have not said their last word. Only two minutes later, Pierre Serain, decisive passer, commits a foul in his area and the referee points to the penalty spot. The shooter converts with some success (2-1). The Cantaliens continue to push until the end of the meeting but come up against a very solid North Lozère defense as usual.

L’ENL secures a place in the next round and will meet US Vallée de l’Authre in the semi-final.

"It’was a complicated match but we knew how to manage it, declared the coach. Ie am very satisfied with the behavior of the boys who remained united.

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