Cap d'Agde: a return to the naturist village, sure values ​​brought back to Richelieu… the City has revealed the list of beach hut concessionaires

Cap d'Agde: a return to the naturist village, sure values ​​brought back to Richelieu... the City has revealed the list of beach hut concessionaires

Le matelas a toujours la côte en bord de mer. Les plages privées d’Agde en proposent des centaines. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Fifteen lots were allocated for ten years during the municipal council meeting on Thursday March 14. However, the opening of a public inquiry into concessions in natural areas postpones the assembly of the huts by a few weeks, to the great dismay of professionals.

You are surprised to have not yet seen trucks and backhoe loaders taking possession of the beaches with a view to setting up the straw huts ? Nothing surprising. A public inquiry will in fact begin at the end of March, for one month, and concerns the renewal of natural beach concessions. In fact, it is currently impossible for professionals to set up their establishments (read below), which did not prevent the municipal council, meeting Thursday evening at the town hall, from approving the choice of companies which applied to the municipal concession commission.

Ten years for investments

First observation: Customers of the Capagathois huts will not be disoriented this summer! In this new concession, granted for a period of ten years – "so as to be able to require investments from operators" pointed out Mayor Gilles D’Ettore –, we find in fact all the big names that make the reputation of the beaches: "Le Millesim"by Jérôme Catanzano, the "Plage du Golf " of the Lapeyre brothers and the "Jungle Beach" by Éric Sidobre and Dan Rodriguez are, unsurprisingly, part of the Richelieu cast.

Return of Olivier Oltra to Manna Beach

The young and dynamic team of "Nudism prohibited" (the former Capaô Beach) is also going back for a spin, just like the beach "L’Infini" in Rochelongue. On the Roquille side, we will find "Le Mango’s Beach" next summer, which will however be a little lonely, the lot of the former "Bounty Plage" not having been allocated, which is surprising to say the least. If the Grau d’Agde beach, the "Sun 7 Beach Club", will once again offer Graulens the opportunity to enjoy its facilities this season, a notable return should be noted at the naturist village where, alongside from "Sun Beach" by Richard Oltra and "La Méridienne" of the Ruiz family, Olivier Oltra will now operate what was the hut "Le Galion". which becomes "Manna Beach".
As for the children, they are not forgotten with the return of the old Mickey club, now Cap Canaille, enthusiastically hosted by Amélie Frey and her team.

This public inquiry which will delay the assembly of the beaches

À Agde, one public inquiry chases another. The one on the simplified revision of the Local Urban Planning Plan sentence completed – with nearly a thousand contributions all the same, which the investigating commissioner will be able to take into account in his conclusions –, that's it! that a new investigation is coming.

A month of public inquiry & new

It concerns "the renewal of natural beach concessions", explained Thursday evening in the Rémy municipal council Glomot, elected delegate to the beaches and &agrav; the energy transition. Unfortunately for the straw hut operators, the holding of this public inquiry which will last a month, from March 25 to April 25, de facto excludes the assembly of their beaches, which usually takes place during the month of March.

"The city of Agde can only subcontract beach concessions if the concession contract is renewed by the state for the municipality", recalled opposition MP Thierry Nadal, Monté at the niche on the only somewhat political question of this municipal council.
The Agathois family doctor who wonders about this procedure "very late" , even expressing his concern about the fact that this administrative phase "does not penalize the activity. À what date will the concession subcontracts be signed by the City and on what date will the concession subcontracts be signed by the City? what date will the huts be able to open their doors ? " he said & Gilles D’Ettore.

Call to the Prefect for early assembly

The latter wanted to be a little fatalistic on the subject.“The procedures are what they are, we couldn’ve done it any faster. But we will try to obtain from the Prefect an early assembly, with a commitment from the professionals to dismantle their beach if necessary." Indeed, in several areas of the Agathois coastline concerned by this public inquiry, it is difficult to anticipate what will happen next. advances the conclusions of the investigating commissioner.
In his speech, Gilles D’Ettore also recalled that recently, "the beaches (private) éwere in turmoil, when the state had dispatchedé a mission to come and tell us what to do and what not to do. We fought with other mayors on the Mediterranean coast to keep them and see them open in the summer. next."

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