Cap d'Agde: Carrefour city, Godo Sushis, a glacier on the way… the commercial offer is expanding at the foot of the Iconic buildings

Cap d'Agde: Carrefour city, Godo Sushis, a glacier on the way... the commercial offer is expanding at the foot of the Iconic buildings

La dernière tranche de l’ensemble Iconic est en passe d’être livrée, avec des commerces qui s’installent. MIDI LIBRE – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

La troisième et dernière tranche est en cours de livraison, pile avant la saison le rush estival.

Iconic is almost over. Six years after the symbolic laying of the first stone, two years after the installation of the first shops, this vast real estate complex of three buildings with architecture by Jean-Michel Wilmotte is experiencing its last weeks of construction.

Vibrant commercial competition

The last building is in fact being finished, in terms of the apartments and the future senior residence managed by Cozy Diem, as well as the shops on the ground floor.
The Carrefour City brand was the first to take possession of these new premises in April, with the opening of a second store for the current manager of the Carrefour located at the roundabout of the ;rsquo;Leisure Island. An installation which actually increases the already very strong commercial competition in this sector of the Center Port, but which also delights customers, who see a price battle starting between the different protagonists.

Cells are still for rent

While Vinocap has considerably “boost” last weekend the passage on what we now call the Rambla du Soleil, we must recognize that the completion of the work will offer a new dynamic to the district. A little further up, the Godo Sushis brand opens its doors, awaiting the probable arrival of an ice cream parlor, even if this information has not been confirmed to us. In short: if the rental of several cells is still under discussion, the rambla will already look good this summer.

Markets this summer to build customer loyalty

As much as for its part, the municipality is doing what is necessary so that the district gradually becomes part of the habits of Agathois and tourists. All year round, the Saturday market now takes place on this site and it will be the same this summer, alongside the stalls which will be set up from mid-June in the Gévaudan car park. Every Wednesday evening, an association will also organize a craft market, again to encourage customers to return to this artery more often.

As for the new reception of the tourist office, since its opening on April 6, at the foot of one of the buildings, it has recorded 13,300 visits people. With a peak of 645 visitors last Saturday!

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