Cap d'Agde: owners of beach huts are still not authorized to set up their establishments

Cap d'Agde: owners of beach huts are still not authorized to set up their establishments

Entrevue au sommet jeudi matin en marge de Vinocap. MIDI LIBRE – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

L’inquiétude gagne les professionnels alors qu’ils ne peuvent pas toujours exploiter leurs établissements.

It was in a corner of the Madragde terrace that the prefect of Hérault François-Xavier Lauch met Thursday morning with hut owners from the Capagathois coast.

We are awaiting the report of the investigating commissioner

Normally, they should have already been at work and taking advantage of these beautiful days to start their season. But there are no straw huts at the moment. The reason ? A public inquiry into the renewal of the natural beach concession on the territory of the municipality ended on April 24. But while the concessions were awarded by the City for a period of 10 years, we must now wait for the conclusions of the investigating commissioner so that the prefectural decree issuing the assembly authorization is published. Problem: the investigating commissioner has until May 26 to give his opinion. A distant deadline for professionals, who are very worried. "There is the shortfall of course, but also the staff who abandon us and go to work elsewhere", fumes one of them.

Between respect for the law and support for beachgoers

The 1st deputy Sébastien Frey participated in the interview. He assures "that the City will support the professionals in order to help them shorten the delays in the as far as possible." By providing in particular elements requested by the investigating commissioner, in response to the observations that were made.

Questioned in turn on the subject, the prefect of Hérault mentions"a balanced position", his own, between "respect for the law, the law, and the defense of the activities of these professionals."
The State representative makes no secret of it: "the schedule is tense." But no question for him to rush things."The investigating commissioner has until May 26 to submit his report, he can also do it before."< /em> François-Xavier Lauch says he is "rather in the state of mind to take the order" which will authorize the concessions to be established."But that will depend on what is in the report, obviously.&quot

In any case, he dissuaded beachgoers from any illegal installation. But with three weeks or even a month of incompressible assembly, an opening at the end of June, beginning of July, seems the most optimistic deadline.

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