Card for the Laurens castle, Montpellier Reine race, 900 young people made aware of the fire risk: the essential news in the region

Card for the Laurens castle, Montpellier Reine race, 900 young people made aware of the fire risk: the essential news in the region

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Château Laurens : près de 65 000 entrées en un an !

#AGDE – Despite three months of closure this winter, Château Laurens, in Agde (Hérault), was able to attract a clientele curious to discover this symbol of Art Nouveau. In total, 64,445 visitors have already passed through the site gates. "And for the month of May 2024 alone, we recorded nearly 8,000 entries", welcomes the deputy in charge of museums and heritage, Christine Antoine. Château Laurens was selected to participate in the first round of votes for the show The Favorite Monument of the French presented on France 3 by Stéphane Bern. Internet users in Occitanie had until Friday May 24 to choose the monument that best represents Occitanie between the Laurens castle and the Padirac chasm. Answer soon!

Montpellier Queen, the 15th!

#MONTPELLIER – The traditional Montpellier Queen race against breast cancer, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, will start this year Sunday May 26, from the Peyrou gardens for a 4.8 km route through the streets of the city center. All profits will be donated to breast cancer prevention, screening and research. And this year, the organizers hope to cross the million euro mark collected since the creation of the event. This festive and colorful race is intended for a great cause… You can come disguised or not before putting on the jersey – this year blue color – and to travel the journey together in a good mood.

900 young people made aware of the risk of fires

#GARD – The Gaffofeu operation made a stopover in Nîmes this Saturday, May 25, after s’ be returned to Alès on Thursday and Friday, and to La Grand-Combe on Wednesday. Born under the impetus of the Gard prefecture, its ambition is to raise awareness among children and adults about fire risk. Over the course of around fifteen workshops and events, adult visitors were reminded of their legal obligations, in particular that of clearing brush to prevent the occurrence and spread of fires.

As a family, young and old were also able to discover, alongside agents from the National Forestry Office (ONF), how and why a fire spreads more or less quickly, depending on the different varieties of plants that are used. rsquo;it was also possible to learn how to identify using a technical sheet. Led by the public, private and associative partners of the prefecture, Gaffofeu 30 aims to develop a real culture of fire risk within the population, like what must be undertaken in the face of flood risk. No less than 900 young people were made aware this week.

Today's figure: 740,000

#SOCIAL – As part of its roadmap to make Occitanie a more inclusive territory, the Region launched a call for projects in 2023 to support associations working in the areas of women's equality -men and genders, disability, the fight against sexist and sexual violence, against racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of discrimination. 136 projects were selected and will receive more than 740,000 €. The Region will bring together the winning associations on June 14 in Montpellier.

Against the "clash of knowledge"

#EDUCATION – As throughout France, teachers and parents of students have expressed their opposition to & quot;shock of knowledge" wanted by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, this Saturday, in Montpellier, Nîmes and Perpignan. "We agree on the observation: some students have more needs than others. But the proposed measures will not work", explains Jean-Robert Biggio, school director in Pignan. in Carcassonne, around forty people gathered in front of the prefecture to say no to the closure of 19 classes in Aude.

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