Cascading champions for EAM Qwan Ki Do Frontignan

Cascading champions for EAM Qwan Ki Do Frontignan

Qualifiés pour les championnats d’Europe enfants et juniors !

La Coupe de France organisée à domicile a réussi aux compétiteurs du club muscatier.

There was an air of celebration recently in the premises of the Qwan Ki Do Frontignan Martial Arts School, with the arrival of local elected officials to congratulate the practitioners on their latest results.
It must be said that the club did not take half measures during the 42nd Coupe de France organized at the Ferrari gymnasium, marked by the exceptional presence of the founding master Thay Chuong Môn Pham Xuân Tong.

Under the leadership of their coach and technical advisor of the club Laurent Salbego, the Frontignanais won a remarkable number of medals. Most of them thus qualified for the European children's championships. and juniors which will take place from April 26 to 28 in Saint-Memmie, in Marne.

They all won a medal

Children: Lily Granata, Giulian Granata, Myriam Bouzhir, Alice Robin, Antonn Cianni, Mathias Gallo, Evan Gallo, Clémence Calmet, Enzo Dubois, Zoé Hevin Desbuisne, Kaly Lacombe, Esteban Rojas, Kaoutal Challam, Léo Meunier, Gabin Colas Halgrin, Lina Benzaria, Lylou Causse, Yanis Moussif and Victoria Bories.

Juniors: Enzo Gimenez, Aduna Demircyan and Melvyn Nazon.

Europe, but also the world

On the occasion of this competition, four Frontignanese were also selected to represent France during the world championships scheduled for 2026 in Bucharest (Romania). These are Laurent Azéma, Mélanie Ruggiero and Emma Gaurier in the French technical team, and Yann Mortreux in the French technical weapons team. It will also be a first for Laurent Salbego, who will also be present as national coach for Co Vo Dao.

The club chaired by Nadine Salbego, which has 92 members, is in good shape. See you in less than a month to add a few international medals to your list.

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