CASE. When the Covid pandemic restored interest in landlines

CASE. When the Covid pandemic restored interest in landlines

CASE. When the Covid pandemic restored interest in landlines

Durant le premier confinement, au printemps 2020, les appels d'un téléphone fixe ont augmenté considérablement. MAXPPP – Odilon Dimier

Selon l’Arcep, l’autorité de régulation des télécoms, les Français avaient passé plus de temps sur leur téléphone fixe durant le premier confinement.

This is what we call a startle. The French, in March 2020, during the first confinement imposed with the Covid-19 pandemic, rediscovered the pleasures of speaking from a landline.

Indeed, the Electronic Communications Market Observatory, published by Arcep at the end of 2021, noted an increase in communications times. "Voice communication has jumped by 30 minutes per month", notes Pierre Sanavio, director of relations with local authorities in Hérault , at Orange.

"The French had more time"

Indeed, during the first confinement, the time spent on this type of communication was 2 hours and 17 minutes on average. "Since confinement, the fall in landline calls has resumed its course, with an average of 1 h 20 ​​per month in the second half of 2021"< /em>. We thus "lost 20 minutes per year".

This startle is easily understandable. "People spent more time on the telephone and also had more time to do so". However, it is appropriate to put this start into perspective . The figure of 2 h 17 nevertheless remains quite low.

The peak also for mobiles

Because the French still like to make phone calls. According to Arcep, at the same time, at the end of 2021, they spent an average of 3 hours and 48 hours per month on a mobile phone. And, as for landlines, the peak was reached with the first confinement. They spent 4 h 27 per month chatting on their smartphone.

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