Cell phones banned for children under 11: how can the measure announced by Emmanuel Macron be applied ?

Cell phones banned for children under 11: how can the measure announced by Emmanuel Macron be applied ?

Vers un encadrement en France de l'usage des téléphones ? Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

La mesure évoquée par Emmanuel Macron, mercredi, lors de sa conférence de presse, pourrait impacter de nombreux foyers en France.

"The government will have to make clear decisions to protect our children, […] by not allowing the use of telephones before 11 years." 

The measure mentioned by Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday during his press conference could impact several million French people. It comes from an expert report submitted to the Head of State in April which also proposed telephones without Internet access between 11 and 13 years old, and access to social networks from 15 years.

In fact, social networks already prohibit the registration of those under the age of 15. 13 years old, even if many bend the rule.

What an expert report recommends

The French government went further by passing a law prohibiting the registration of minors under the age of 15 on social networks, without the agreement of one of the parents.< /p>

But the implementing decrees have not been published and the European Commission has contested this provision, recalling that it is the responsibility of Brussels. 

The same problem could therefore appear for the ban on telephone use before the age of 11. Moreover, this seems difficult to enforce. The expert report recommends an obligation to provide the customer's date of birth when purchasing a mobile and subscribing to a telephone plan.

A mention about telephones

But nothing prevents an adult from buying a phone and making it available to an 11-year-old child.

We will therefore especially need to raise awareness among parents to encourage them to apply these new standards. The report proposes in particular, for this, the inclusion of a statement "not suitable for under 13s"&amp ;nbsp;on all smartphones sold in France.

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