“Cévennes in its veins” makes the hearts of gourmands and gourmets beat faster

“Cévennes in its veins” makes the hearts of gourmands and gourmets beat faster

Le chef Jean-Yves Piccinali et son équipe, Nelly, la patronne, Céline et Cassandra, en cuisine. Midi Libre – F. A.

Entouré de son équipe, Jean-Yves Piccinali continue à explorer la gastronomie cévenole.

Jean-Yves Piccinali, winner of the Almost Perfect Dinner in 2008, of the Combat des Régions in 2009 and 1st Taittinger Prize of the Cordons-bleus in 2010, is back in Alès for a new adventure. The chef has set up on avenue Général-de-Gaulle, right in the city center, in an establishment where he benefits from a pleasant patio, just like in the countryside. The name of the restaurant “Cévennes in its veins” announces the program, or the menu.

"With Nelly, the boss, we wanted to create something authentic and local, announces the chef . C’is a Cévennes cork with reassuring, gourmet and mastered cuisine. The very symbolic logo is made up of Mont Ricateau, the slag heap, crossed by the Gardon."

The restaurant has been open since February 1st. "At lunchtime, we're in the brasserie, bistro spirit, with simple cuisine, with a daily special with calf's head, blanquette, stews, grilled lamb & ;hellip; and in the evening, we change the atmosphere with grilled ribs to share with baron des Cévennes, l’Aubrac, l’angus…"

The homemade requirement

To achieve the finest cooking, Jean-Yves Piccinali sought inspiration from Japan. "They have amazing barbecues there, no smell but with an incomparable smoky taste."

Trained butcher, the head chef ensures the production of all specialties. "Everything is homemade, depending on the season. At the moment we are on Gard asparagus, crunchy, cooked with a knife with ham shavings."

Its charcuterie is unanimously recognized. The abomasum received the gold medal from Gard Gourmand, the tripe the silver medal and the foie gras the bronze medal of this competition.

Local, seasonal products

"Bread is important on a table and is provided by Martel". In the "thug cellar", as the chef named it, we find, of course, wines from the ;IGP Cévennes but also bottles from other wine regions.

For dessert, "seasonal fruits. Gard strawberries, of course with homemade vanilla whipped cream. And also the waffle based on a recipe by Paul Bocuse."

Around his vision of local gastronomy, Jean-Yves formed a small team with "Nelly, the boss, in the dining room with Cassandra, with us for over of two years, Céline, second and Nadia, kitchen assistant."

Cévennes in its veins, open Monday to Friday, noon and evening. Info: 06 41 59 39 52. I subscribe to read more

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