Challenge Cup. Which MHR team to face Ulster in the round of 16 this Sunday, April 7 ?

Challenge Cup. Which MHR team to face Ulster in the round of 16 this Sunday, April 7 ?

Alexandre Bécognée, Clément Doumenc and Pierre Lucas (left) relaunched in Challenge ? Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

The MHR hosts Ulster in the round of 16 of the Challenge this Sunday, April 7 (1:30 p.m.) at the GGL Stadium. The opportunity to relaunch certain players for the Montpellier staff ?

The Top 14 is on hiatus for the next two weeks. Ten teams are still in the running for the round of 16 of the Champions and Challenge Cup. Only Stade Français, Oyonnax, Perpignan and Toulon have a two-week gap in April.

Since the start of the week, Montpellier has been preparing for its meeting against Ulster. The Irish province arrives at the GGL Stadium this Sunday at 1:30 p.m. in a period where the MHR remains on two losses in the championship (against Toulon and Stade Français). Morale took a hit, even if the last three months had restored the club's image.

The staff will therefore have to find the resources to, once again, raise their heads. He found some in the Challenge in mid-December, notably relaunching certain players. The opportunity presents itself again this weekend with this round of 16.

No Jiff constraint in the European Cup

Facing the Irish this Sunday, manager Patrice Collazo should inject fresh blood, re-establish a form of emulation within the group. Several players should get playing time again this weekend. Knowing that the problem of Jiff (players from French training) is not one in Challenge.

In front, on the front line, it is possible to see Titi Lamositele or Harry Williams. These two are often victims of Jiff regulations in the Top 14. Grégory Fichten, helmed by Baptiste Erdocio and Enzo Forletta, could also make a comeback.

For the rest of the pack, players lacking playing time in recent weeks could be revived. Like the third lines Clément Doumenc and Alexandre Bécognée. The first city, at the end of its contract with Montpellier, is still uncertain about its future. Florian Verhaeghe, recovered from his sprained ankle contracted in mid-February and replacing against Stade Français (10-12) last weekend, should also be the part.

Darmon, Foursans, Lucas…

Behind, it is possible to see George Bridge again on the ground. The All Black (19 caps) has only been fielded twice in 2024. Rumors are sending him to England next season. His compatriot Ben Lam could also be called upon against the Ospreys.

The staff could decide to relaunch players like Alexandre De Nardi, Thomas Darmon, Louis Foursans, Julien Tisseron or even Pierre Lucas. The latter, out of 27 match sheets last season in all competitions, only has seven to date. He has not played in the Top 14 since last November 4.

The team will be announced this Friday, April 5 at 1 p.m.

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