Cinema films, series for platforms, or TV films, it's filming under the Occitanie sun!

Cinema films, series for platforms, or TV films, it's filming under the Occitanie sun!

La saison 2 d'Escort boys tournée en Camargue. AMAZON PRIME

Films de cinéma, séries pour plateformes ou téléfilms, le point sur les tournages en région.

The pace of filming in the region will maintain a sustained frequency, in this year 2024, started under generous auspices.
First with two films made in the region that won a César: Dog from the junkyard, by Hérault resident Jean-Baptiste Durand, best first film, best male revelation, and L’Attente, by Alice Douard (best short film prize).

César success

Not forgetting that The Animal Kingdom, among its five Césars, received one for best visual effects, to which the MoveMatchers studio contributed , located in Montpellier.

And to be complete on the Césars, let us also point out that we were delighted on the sets of Un si grand soleil, in Vendargues, with the statuette for best animated film awarded to Chiara Malta for Linda wants chicken. Chiara Malta who, in fact, occasionally produces episodes of the daily France 2 series.

Pierre Niney in Lavérune

While Mister Spade, filmed in Sauve, Bozouls and Pézenas is currently broadcast on Canal+ and can boast of a nice critical success, and that Double foyer, by Claire Vassé, filmed in Toulouse, was released this February 21, other highly anticipated projects will soon land on our screens, big or small.

So it is with the much awaited Count of Monte Cristo, for which the directors Alexandre De La Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte, with a budget of 43 million euros and after passing through Malta and Cyprus, posed their cameras for a few days at the castle of the ;Engarran, in Lavérune (Hérault), at the beginning of October, to film Pierre Niney as Edmond Dantès.

Catherine Frot en Aveyron

On the basis of a much more modest economy, but also hoped for with unfeigned impatience, the next film by Aveyron native Alain Guiraudie, Miséricorde, filmed around Sauclières and on Larzac, in Aveyron, over several weeks. Catherine Frot and the director of… Scrapyard dog, Jean-Baptiste Durand, are in the casting.

During the Olympics, Paris in… Montpellier!

This is what Marin Rosensthiel, head of the film commission à the Occitanie films agency calls "a phenomenon on the agenda, in Paris, with the Olympic Games".

In other words, the Games oblige, filming in the capital will be particularly reduced or constrained or canceled, both for logistical and technical reasons. security. D’où the idea of ​​the Occitanie Film Commission "to bring to professionals (producers, directors, production designers, reps & ;ereurs…) alternative solutions for filming locations and natural settings, to invent Parisian sequences in Occitania".

This is how the game has just been created. the website Un air de Paris, which offers "decors & Montpellier and Sète, in the south of France, where we find à I can see, here and there, the charm of the streets and gardens of the capital.

We recommend taking a look at it, as the result can be stunning, with a little preference. Reference for private hotels and buildings which will pass without problem for the Parisian Haussmann style.

"We thoughté that there was material for it. play the patch for certain settings, even if we won't redo the Champs-Élysées or the Pont de l‘Alma", smiles Marin Rosensthiel. In any case satisfied, because, "yes, we already have it" feedback and projects à the study!"

À discover on:

This fall, it was the Sète director of Montpellier origin Emma Benestan, who shot her second feature film, Animale, in the Camargue. While in the first days of spring, at the end of March, the Belgian Laurent Micheli will settle for a few days near Frontignan for his new film, Nino dans la nuit.

Lost Ball, third episode

And on the small screen side, Guillaume Pierret is currently filming Balle Perdue 3, in Sète, Montpellier and on the Causse du Larzac, with Alban Lenoir, Stéfi Celma, Nicolas Duvauchelle and Pascale Arbillot.

Other television dramas will continue or resume filming in the region. This will be the case for season 2 of Panda, from the end of March, still with Julien Doré, in Petite-Camargue Gardoise and in Hérault.

Escort boys, season 2, still in Camargue

Also coming, season 2 of Escort boys, also in Camargue, at the beginning of April, for the Amazon Prime platform. And Occitanie Films reveals that the six-episode mini-series The missing from the station, directed by Virginie Sauveur for another platform, Disney+, will start its filming at the beginning of March and for more than three months, between Perpignan and Montpellier.

Finally, while the three dailies of France TV and TF1 continue their respective marathon filmings, director Anne Préjean began working on the TV film Murder in Nîmes, in the capital of Gard.

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