Claire Lapeyronie, mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit: “I do not want to leave the 8th city of Gard in the hands of the extreme right”

Claire Lapeyronie, mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit: “I do not want to leave the 8th city of Gard in the hands of the extreme right”

Claire Lapeyronie est maire de Pont-Saint-Esprit depuis 2018. Elle sera tête de liste pour les élections partielles. C.B.

After the wave of resignations at the municipal council of Pont-Saint-Esprit, by-elections, the date of which is not yet known, will be organized. The mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit, Claire Lapeyronie, answers questions from Midi Libre. 

Can you confirm that you will be head of the list for the municipal by-elections and will you be a candidate for your succession ? 

I will be at the top of the list and candidate. I want to continue to be mayor to be proud of making this city grow, we have been working hard on it for years.

Where are you in building your list ? 

It's almost closed. She will represent our city and its social and professional diversity. It will be made up of women and men representing all neighborhoods and who want to work to improve the lives of Spiripontaines. This will be a united, assembled list. The elected officials around me today are more united than ever, just like the administration, even more so since the events of the fall (the mayor of Pont -Saint-Esprit had withdrawn the five-elected delegations from its majority, who have since resigned. Editor's note).
Our list will be various left. I have always worked with the communists. They must make their decision this week, the ball is in their court. In the spirit of unity, the door is open.  

Is the National Rally your main adversary ?

I do not want to leave the 8th city of Gard in the hands of the extreme right which plays on fears and does not provide concrete solutions to people. In an anxiety-provoking context, my role and that of my team is to reassure. We are there nearby. The locals know me. They know they can count on me and my team. When there is a threat from the extreme right, we must reaffirm the values ​​of the Republic that I have held close to my heart.

On what themes will you run your campaign ?

The campaign has not started. Today, I am in charge, what drives me is to manage files in continuity. The roadmap of the municipal team in place is to improve the daily lives of Spiripontans, protect them and support the vital forces of our city.
Cleanliness is one of the key points, collection is the responsibility of the urban area, public hygiene is that of the city. I expect more support from the city. There is improvement thanks to the dedication of city officials, after the budget vote at the end of March we will invest in a sweeper and a double dump truck. This purchase was not possible in 2023 due to blockages from some of the dissidents.

What lessons do you learn from this political crisis ? 

I made a difficult decision in the fall by removing the delegations of certain elected officials. These people were blocking. I made this choice so as not to end up in a total deadlock situation and not to implode my entire team. I had alerted the dissidents several times. I regret not having made this decision sooner. The resigners (more than a third of the municipal council is vacant, after several waves of resignations in the majority and in the opposition, Editor's note) are responsible for the situation in which we are today. #39;today. 

If you had been a man, would you have suffered fewer attacks ? 

When we are responsible, we are attacked. We must resist pressure. The fact that I am a woman often provokes hints of condescension. It's a temptation. There is no gender to put on the function. When you are mayor, you must not tremble and you must stay the course. We must gain some height in the face of the tumult. 

Are you hoping for support from the president of the Region ? 

My list will be a gathering list. I have the support of Carole Delga with my role as regional advisor which also allows me to move forward on the health center project. 

What state of mind are you in ? 

I am solid, serene and committed. I am captain of the boat to the end. The challenge is to demonstrate to the Spiripontaines that we have done a good job. The question is: do they want to continue to trust this team that is at work. I will give everything with my team. Pont-Saint-Esprit needs stability and continuity. The ballot boxes will speak. 

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