Clemente and Olsina switch to “on” mode at the Feria off de Béziers

Clemente and Olsina switch to “on” mode at the Feria off de Béziers

Clemente and Olsina switch to “on” mode at the Feria off de Béziers

Carlos Olsina won over the public with the softness of his passes. Free Midday

During the opening of the Feria off, Clemente particularly attracted people. Olsina managed a complete faena but suffered several failures on steel.

It was in spring weather that the opening of the Béziers bullfighting season was held as part of the Feria off. Clemente, Carlos Olsina, Christian Parejo and Lalo de Maria were opposed to four novillos of the Camino de Santiago iron.

Two ears for Clemente

Clemente opened the cartel in a very good way against a just strong but willing novillo throughout a faena which went crescendo. The Bordeaux player has rewarded some great series from the right which have had an impact on the public. A whole dazzling sword concluded his performance: two ears.

Carlos Olsina has inherited a good and serious novillo. The Biterrois achieved a complete faena on both banks. The smoothness of his passes won over the public and showed the extent of his progress. Unfortunately, several failures in steel deprived him of deserved trophies but his performance boded well for the future: hi.

Christian Parejo misfortune to sorteo

The most unfortunate sorto was Christian Parejo: his novillo proved dangerous and getting him a pass was a feat. rsquo;is committed but had to shorten the faena. His pants torn after several clashes, he concludes with a well-placed half-blade: salute.

For the last novillo, Lalo de Maria showed the extent of his artistic palette. Unfortunately, the lack of transmission of the toro did not allow it to connect with the public. The steels deprive him of the slightest trophy.

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