Clermont: René Gosse hosts the 4th edition of Artistes au lycée

Clermont: René Gosse hosts the 4th edition of Artistes au lycée

La Compagnie le Cri Dévot est en résidence au lycée René Gosse. JM – JM

Le spectacle vivant s’invite au lycée René Gosse, toute la semaine, en partenariat avec le service culturel de la CCC. Et, jeudi 4, la programmation, In Situ, est ouverte au public.

"Eddy", the new student is mocked, dirtied, humiliated. The scene is "cash and trash" and the direction by Camille Daloz, pays homage to the hyper-realistic aesthetic of the novel by Edouard Louis  : Ending Eddy Bellegueule. This Thursday, at the René Gosse high school, the interpretation of the artists in residence of the Montpellier Company le Cri Dévot, captured the high school students on the spot, without any round of observation. Palpable emotion, optimal attention. And while the artists are in residence in the establishment for a few days, on the occasion of season 4 of'"Artists in high school& ;quot;, as part of the now expected meeting between the René Gosse high school and the Théâtre du Sillon, the piece being created already seems surprisingly mature.

A contemporary theme

"We are in the midst of creation, at the very beginning of this new show which will see the light of day in 2025. It is adapted from the autobiographical novel by Edouard Louis published in 2013", specifies the director. The story deals with bullying in college. Eddy, "comes from a very poor background, from working-class parents, he is a little puny, mannered, effeminate and from a very young age suffered all forms of harassment. He suffers from a lot of rejection, homophobia, he will try to get out of it. He will tell the whole difficult journey around its construction, social, cultural and sexual", presents the director. An eminently topical theme.

In a school environment, creation challenges, "it’is indeed a mise en abyme, it’ above all a text that we really want to make young people hear& quot;. In situ, the creation is also inspired by the spirit of the place. "It definitely affects working here. We regularly organize meetings with groups of young people so that they can come and see stages, rehearsals… Near or far, they are partners in this work. The residency release will be presented on Thursday April 4 during the day open to the public. In the meantime, live performance is available all week at the high school, in the classrooms, in the courtyard for impromptu performances and workshops. An expected, even unmissable, event that fits into the rhythm of the school year. A bet won, in short, for the Sillon theater which continues to infuse culture, also at school.

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