Climb of Everest: an Indian mountaineer dies, a few days after the death of two Mongolians

Climb of Everest: an Indian mountaineer dies, a few days after the death of two Mongolians

Chaque année, des milliers d'alpinistes tentent la montée de l'Everest. dpa – Narendra Shahi Thakuri

Un alpiniste indien secouru dans l'Everest est décédé dans un hôpital au Népal, a déclaré ce mardi 28 mai un responsable du tourisme népalais, ce qui porte à huit le nombre de morts dans l'ascension du plus haut sommet du monde cette saison.

Bashi Lai, a 46-year-old Indian national who was evacuated from the summit last week, “died in hospital yesterday” in Kathmandu, Rakesh Gurung of the Nepal Tourism Department told AFP.

This death is the eighth of the season – running from April to early June – which is coming to an end, with a lower toll than in 2023, when 18 deaths were been recorded.

The Nepalese Tourism Department announced last week the death of two mountaineers, Kenyan and Nepalese, on the summit culminating at 8,849 meters.

Since April, 600 climbers have climbed Everest

The previous week, two Mongolian climbers, who disappeared after reaching the summit of Everest, were also found dead.

More than 600 foreign and Nepalese climbers have reached the summit of Everest since April.

In spring, when temperatures are mild and winds generally lower, hundreds of climbers flock to Nepal, home to eight of the world's highest peaks.

Ultra experienced Sherpas are the first, each year, to reach the summit of Everest, opening a safe circuit. They make up a third of the deaths on Everest each year.

All recorded deaths occur above 8,000 meters above sea level, in the "death zone", where oxygen becomes scarce increases the risk of altitude sickness and hypoxemia.

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