Climbing: a big party for the 2024 Megalith Challenge on May 4 and 5

Climbing: a big party for the 2024 Megalith Challenge on May 4 and 5

De nombreux grimpeurs d’Occitanie et d’ailleurs sont attendus ce week-end à Bassan. Club

Les passionnés de la discipline sont attendus, ce week-end des 4 et 5 mai, à Bassan.

While waiting for lovers of the discipline to thrill to the exploits of Julia Chanourdie and her teammates from the French Olympic team in a few weeks, climbing enthusiasts should be present in large numbers this week -end of May 4 and 5, on the occasion of the 27th edition of the Challenge Mégalithe. An event that is always eagerly awaited and which will once again offer a particularly attractive program this year.

Many participants

Before the young people go into action on Sunday morning (from 8:30 a.m.) for the second stage of the Grand Prix de l’Hérault, a competition open to U10 to U16 and counting for the departmental ranking, the adults will be at the start of the Grand Prix de l’ honour, from Saturday May 4, with a bouldering contest open to all. To the sound of the DJ from the Les Roc’tambules association, there will be more than fifty of them, licensed or not, to try their hand at climbing and why not try to reach the final stages. In total, more than 200 participants of all ages are expected over the two days in the Mégabloc room in Bassan. Great satisfaction for Lionel Germain and all the organizers of the event."It’s really great to see that our challenge still attracts so many people. All the clubs from Hérault will be represented on Sunday in the youth competition, we will also be able to count on the presence of climbers from the Toulouse region and even from Marseille – Vitrolles for Saturday’s contest. Knowing that this year, the formula will be a little different from what we did before. We tried to bring a little bit of modernity and dust off these two days by bringing other things than just the practice of climbing. Prizes and gifts will be distributed throughout the weekend and we will organize, on Saturday evening, a big meal for all of our members. For us, it’s a great satisfaction to see all these climbers who come and support the club, rejoices the president of the Mégalithe de Béziers, for whom this challenge is always there. one of the most anticipated moments of the season. It’s an event that we look forward to every year and which in some way marks the end of our climbing season. Since January, we have been more than fifty club volunteers working on it and the only thing we want today is for this new edition to be a great moment of celebration and sharing. From there, it's only happiness for us."

L’escalation… but not only

But also for all the participants in this great climbing festival, who will also be able to count on the presence of food trucks, as well as the organization of concerts and of several shows. Enough to appeal to climbing enthusiasts and regulars, but also to all beginners looking for new sensations. See you this weekend in Bassan!

All information on the event can be found on the club website:

A very positive dynamic

If certain sports are going through difficulties and losing many licensees within their structures each year, the world of climbing is experiencing a very different situation. Enough to nourish real promises for the future of the discipline. "We have a lot of requests, that's true! me exponentially since the end of Covid. The presence of the discipline at the Olympic Games and the good results of our French climbers also play a role in this evolution. Climbing is on the rise , confirms Lionel Germain, forced to refuse numerous requests for membership within the M&eacute each year ;galith of B&eac;ziers. We always refuse a lot of people. Last season alone, almost 200 people wanted to register, but we were unable to welcome them into the club. There is a real blow à play over the next few years."

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