Cold snap: how to dress for the coldest day of the week this Wednesday ?

Cold snap: how to dress for the coldest day of the week this Wednesday ?

Chute des températures : comment s’habiller contre le froid ?

In many regions, temperatures fell below 0°C. Our body is put to the test. How to dress to effectively combat the cold ?

When temperatures plummet, how to dress so you're neither too cold nor too hot ? The secret lies in layering. A method known as the "onion technique”. The principle: put several items of clothing on top of each other. This will make it easy to remove if you are too hot, or to put a layer back on if you are too cold.

The first layer is very important since it is in direct contact with your skin. Prefer "breathable" and ban cotton which has the unfortunate tendency to absorb humidity (your perspiration) and take time to dry.

The second layer should help insulate you from the cold outside. Fleece, sweater, long-sleeved t-shirt, shirt should protect your skin. If you fear shivering, add an easily removable vest.

Finally, third element, a warm coat, thick enough to withstand low temperatures. A windproof material will help you fight against bad weather.

Protect your hands, feet and head

When temperatures drop, heat loss is greatest through the extremities. This is explained by a reduction in blood flow to these areas of the body. Called vasoconstriction, this phenomenon is due to the fact that vital organs like the brain and heart take priority.

The hands, feet and especially the head, from which 30% of body heat escapes, are therefore particularly exposed. Hence the importance of wearing a bonnet, hat or balaclava as well as gloves and good socks and shoes that cover and are waterproof.

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