Collapse of a building in Toulouse: a second building evacuated after the appearance of worrying cracks

Collapse of a building in Toulouse: a second building evacuated after the appearance of worrying cracks

Une cinquantaine de personnes résidaient dans l'immeuble en question. Capture d'écran Google Street View

Après l'effondrement d'un immeuble à Toulouse, un autre bâtiment a été évacué à la jonction des rues Peyras et des Puits-Clos ce dimanche 10 mars.

After the collapse of a three-story building on the night of Friday March 8 to Saturday March 9, a few steps from the Place du Capitole, in Toulouse, a second building collapsed ;nbsp;had to be evacuated this Sunday, March 10, according to La Dépêche. 

A centuries-old building

In fact, around fifty occupants of a building on rue des Puits-Clos had to be rehoused. The building in which they live is in poor condition and probably dates from the end of the 15th century or the beginning of the 16th. 

The day before, one of the residents had raised the alarm, because the existing cracks had, according to her, grown in size after the attack. collapse of the building on rue Saint-Rome."Around 11 p.m. there was a knock at our house, the municipal police asked us to evacuate. We then received permission to return home during the night, but we did not return because we were not reassured. Today, given the state of the building concerned, we have prepared a lot of business", explains a local resident to our colleagues from La Dépêche.

Traffic cut off in the street

"Number 1 rue des Puits-Clos has been known to services for a long time. Until then, it did not present any structural fragilities, but was under close surveillance. This collapse of rue Saint-Rome caused new cracks. We have noted that these new fragilities are significant and we will once again be obliged to evacuate a perimeter around the building because there we have a risk", indicated Claire Nison , elected to Toulouse town hall responsible for substandard housing.

"Those who cannot be accommodated by relatives will be taken care of by the community" reassured the town hall this Sunday. Furthermore, because of the risks in the area, the circulation of cars and pedestrians was interrupted in rue des Puits-Clos to allow the evacuation of local residents. 

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