Collorgues: a man arrested by the GIGN after gunshots

Collorgues: a man arrested by the GIGN after gunshots

The search of his home was underway this Saturday morning, April 6. Illustration – Midi Libre

Holed up in his home, a man already known to the law fired into the air for an unexplained reason. He was arrested early in the morning this Saturday April 6.

Sacred scare during the night from Friday to Saturday in the small village of Collorgues near Saint-Chaptes.

Around 9:50 p.m., shots rang out in a property in the village, causing concern among local residents and intervention by the gendarmerie.

Holed up in his home, known for his criminal record, a man shoots into the air almost continuously for an unexplained reason.

Security perimeter, evacuations and command post

While communication with the individual is difficult, a security perimeter is set up. An operations command post is set up in the municipal school. The evacuation of local residents is ordered.

The GIGN (Orange branch), including a negotiator, arrives on site around 2 a.m. in order to try, once again, to reason with the madman, alongside the thirty gendarmes already mobilized.

In the dark night making any intervention particularly delicate, the shooting will continue until daybreak.

Interpellation, search

At 7:30 a.m., the assault was finally given. The individual was arrested without incident by the military. Implicated at least for endangering the lives of others, he was placed in police custody.

This Saturday morning, April 6, a search of his home, carried out in particular by a dog crew specialized in the detection of explosives, weapons and ammunition, was still in progress.< /p>

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