COMMUNICATED. A new orthodontics service opened at the Aésio santé center in Gignac

COMMUNICATED. A new orthodontics service opened at the Aésio santé center in Gignac

Les prises de rendez-vous se font en ligne ou au téléphone. ILLUSTRATION UNSPLASH. – Ozkan Guner

Le pôle santé de Gignac, Aésio Santé, a ouvert un service d’orthodontie au sein du centre dentaire.

Aésio Santé is strengthening its healthcare offering in Gignac, by opening an orthodontics service within its dental center in the health center, located 280 avenue de Lodève. It offers care for children aged 6 and over, as well as treatments for adults.

A mutualist offer

This new mutual offer is offered at controlled prices. Third-party payment is practiced with the compulsory regime and with a large number of approved supplementary health plans.

Make an appointment

Appointments can be made by telephone at 04 67 88 41 81 or on< /p>

Location: Health center, located at 280 avenue de Lodève in Gignac (34150)

Aésio Santé offers other orthodontic care in Hérault, within the Roch Santé and Paul Valéry centers, in Montpellier.

Aésio Santé: innovative mutualist player

Caring, Supporting, Innovating: this is the guiding principle of the mutualist actor. It offers, through nearly 200 health establishments, a range of care and services, adapted to each territory.

Aésio is as well present in the field health as well as medico-social. From surgery to medicine, including oncology, care follow-up and rehabilitation, home hospitalization, radiology, health centers, dental…

But it is also present in reception for the elderly, people with disabilities, early childhood and home services person or even innovation, research and development.

Always with this aim of caring, supporting, innovating, Aésio deals with the sectors of goods and services: pharmacies, optical centers, hearing aids, general orthopedics and medical equipment.

On a daily basis, 5,100 healthcare professionals s’invest to care for, accompany, support and provide to their patients, residents and clients , ever more innovative solutions.

Faced with the challenges of our society: aging of the population, development of chronic diseases, scarcity of public finances, the mutualist group continues its ambition to promote access for everyone receives quality care.

For this and concretely, the teams work in the field to develop e-health and facilitate access to remote specialists or benefit from tools based on artificial intelligence to identify and prevent fragility.

It also strives to create local health centers in areas affected by medical desertification and to optimize care pathways and avoid interruptions in care and hospitalizations.

Aésio Santé is also responsible for experimenting with new supports and tools to provide new solutions in support patients.

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