Companies in Biterrois are looking for seasonal workers for the summer, all profiles accepted

Companies in Biterrois are looking for seasonal workers for the summer, all profiles accepted

L'entreprise Ricôme cherche une quarantaine de saisonniers pour conditionner ses melons – Frédéric Faux

Hôtellerie, restauration, tourisme, mais aussi grande distribution ou plateformes logistiques… Tous les secteurs sont demandeurs.

Young people no longer want to work ? This Friday, February 23, it was enough to go to the summer jobs fair in Béziers and see the queues in front employers' stands, to convince yourself otherwise.  "It's an event open to all, from 16 to 67 years old, and we put a retiree with sunglasses on the poster because there are a lot of needs, remarks Christelle Landrit, from the local Mission. But young people who want professional experience are our priority target. In Biterrois alone, we follow 4,600. "

If everyone is ready to exchange vacations for a salary, "most have no idea of ​​the opportunities in our employment pool, and are content to canvass their family or friend network." The offer is nevertheless plethoric.

Summer, for example, is the melon harvest season, and the Ricôme company, in Saint-Thibéry, is looking for around forty people to package them. "It's a chain job, where we put melons in boxes, and we pay the minimum wage , details Anaïs Guénin, head of operations. But you can come and work for us from the age of 17, without any qualifications, and become a team leader if you doing well." Another big employer: Aqualand, and its 150 summer employees. For Sofia and Chaïma, who gave their CVs, this is an opportunity to be seized: "We both work in personal service, these are short contracts , poorly paid… but in the summer, with bonuses and overtime, you can hope to earn up to 2000 euros per month."

Campsites are also an interesting sector: they offer numerous positions, in all areas, from the maintenance of bungalows to reception for those  who master several foreign languages. In order to retain seasonal workers, the Yole campsite in Valras has decided to increase salaries for key positions, such as those of chef or chef. bar manager. "What also interests young people is that we can accommodate them, explains Thierry Puch, one of the managers. But we also see more and more retirees applying because they no longer have enough money to live on and they have to work in the summer. It's sad."

Our region is eminently touristy, but jobs are not only in this sector. "Large distribution, fast food, logistics platforms… They are looking for seasonal workers because their employees are going on vacation and they too are impacted by the' increase in the population in summer", recalls Christelle Landrit.

There's still time

Even if the show is over, it's not too late to find a summer job. "For July and August, you should not hesitate to present yourself directly to companies with a CV, explains Christelle Landrit. Today they have difficulty in applying for a job. keep their seasonal worker, there is a lot of turnover, so don't hesitate: a good CV, a good presentation, motivation that shows in the smile, the behavior… You can very quickly to be hired."

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