Conflicts of use, illegal signs… in Montpellier, the City intends to act to restore a little urbanity

Conflicts of use, illegal signs... in Montpellier, the City intends to act to restore a little urbanity

Pour tenter de juguler les conflits dits d’usage. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

This has already been the case with motorized two-wheelers even if everything is not yet settled. This policy is carried out in conjunction with the extension of the pedestrian zone from the center of the city towards the suburbs.

Is cohabitation possible between pedestrians and users of scooters and bicycles ? At first glance, this seems uncertain. However, these so-called conflicts of use between different types of travel in the same public space relate above all to respecting certain fundamentals of the Highway Code. Which is constantly flouted by a majority of these same users in favor of the law of the strongest.

It is therefore to restore a little urbanity that the City took up the problem. And the deputy in charge of security Sébastien Cote announced: "Regarding usage conflicts in the city, there will be verbalizations!".

But not immediately. "We will inform and then broadcast", he continues. This will involve the creation and then distribution of a guide to good practices among Montpellier residents.

Once this stage has been reached, the time for repression will come. And the councilor supported it, staunchly, last Thursday, during the public meeting on the extension of the pedestrian zone to the south of Place de La Comédie: " I won't have a shaking hand!".

"No dealing with choirboys"

An identical policy has also been launched towards businesses whose brands do not meet standards.

"We've started. Look at rue du Courreau! We are starting to arrive at Gambetta. Rue Maguelone, Rue de Verdun and Rue du Clos-René, there are some absolutely disastrous signs. It’s a bit long because we’re not dealing with altar boys but we’ll get there!", continues Sébastien Cote.

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