Contamination, health risk… the production of one-liter Perrier bottles has stopped according to an investigation

Contamination, health risk... the production of one-liter Perrier bottles has stopped according to an investigation

Production of one-liter Perrier mineral water bottles has stopped. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

According to an investigation by Le Monde and the Radio France investigation unit, Perrier had to stop production of its emblematic one-liter bottles. No more may come out of the Vergèze factory in Gard until the end of summer.

While the shutdown of a well in April had caused the destruction of several pallets of bottles which presented a risk of contamination, the Vergèze site in Gard , where the Perrier spring is located, is still in difficulty.

In question, according to information revealed by an investigation by Monde and the investigation unit of Radio France, two other catchments, having had to be disinfected, which affected production. If Nestlé, which owns the Perrier brand, assures that it is a simple maintenance, our colleagues reveal that two other drillings have stopped producing the classic Perrier brand.

"Maison Perrier"

A prefectural decree nevertheless made it possible to maintain exploitation of these drillings to produce another drink, which cannot bear the mention "natural mineral water", marketed under the name & quot;Maison Perrier", presented at Midi Libre in January.

In total, therefore, four of the exploitation's wells are in difficulty, between suspension and production of another type of soft drink. Radio France reveals that this difficult situation led to the cessation of production of one-liter bottles of Perrier, probably until the end of the year. rsquo;at the end of summer, due to lack of sufficient volumes.

A worrying situation for the firm's employees, especially since the emblematic one-liter bottles represent the brand's largest sales volumes.

In turmoil since January

While Nestlé indicates that it has taken steps to transform its factories, the future of the site remains uncertain. The unions would have, according to France Info, initiated an economic alert procedure, which would have given rise this Thursday, June 13 to an extraordinary meeting of the CSE (social and economic committee) of Nestlé Waters Sud, indicates < em>Le Monde.

The mineral producer, also owner in France of the Vittel, Contrex and Hépar brands, has been under pressure since the end of January, when it admitted to having used prohibited treatments on some of its waters to maintain their quality.

He assured the AFP at the beginning of April that he had "intensified surveillance" of its French drilling "under the control of the authorities". Some wells were suspended last year in the Vosges. On April 11, the Senate launched a parliamentary information mission which intends to shed light on the failings of the State.  in matters of control of bottled water manufacturers.

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