Contemporaine de Nîmes: local businesses supporting the event

Contemporaine de Nîmes: local businesses supporting the event

Les partenaires privés de cette triennale ont été reçus en mairie. Midi Libre – Ville de Nîmes

Près de trente entreprises privées ont répondu à l’appel à mécénat lancé par la Ville pour boucler le budget de la première édition de la triennale de création contemporaine, qui débute le vendredi 5 avril prochain. Plus de 250 000 € ont été collectés.

After the involvement of schools, associations and neighborhoods, this time it was local economic actors who showed their support to the City of Nîmes in the organization of the 1st edition of this triennial of’ rsquo;contemporary art.

"La Contemporaine de Nîmes has a national and even international vocation. It's nice to see that all the people of Nîmes are acting for its success, thus underlined Mayor Jean-Paul Fournier, while receiving this weekend at the Hôtel de City of these patrons who made it possible to raise more than 250,000,000 euros; donations.

"Making Nîmes shine as it deserves"

"I am very moved because all these patrons have trusted us for this unique and ambitious project which will, thanks to contemporary creation, make Nîmes shine once again as she deserves", added Sophie Roulle, deputy mayor responsible for culture. La Contemporaine de Nîmes is the strong project of the end of Jean-Paul Fournier's mandate in terms of culture. This new triennial of contemporary creation, supported by the City of Nîmes, will highlight, from April 5 and until June 23, art in various forms through the theme of youth.

The event will be structured around a major exhibition throughout the city, punctuated by numerous highlights and events, and will bring together several dozen recognized artists and emerging artists on the French and international scene.

Partners of this triennial are therefore: STS Real Estate Promotion (up to 20,000 euros); BRL Exploitation, Holding Tissot, GGL Aménagement, Veolia (15,000,000); Crédit Agricole Languedoc, Océan Bucher Municipal, Sogea (10,000,000); Bastide Médical, A + Architecture, Lautier Moussac (gpe BRAJA), Sols Méditerranée, Durand recovery, Amadurave, CLN Architecture, OGF ROBLOT ; COGEDIM (5,000,000 euros and more). Participation less than 5,000,000: Euro: French Building Federation of Gard, Concept VRD, Froment Mercedes, Nîmes Coupole, Cercle Mozart, Court Terrausement, Id Verde, Clean Compagnie, GRC Paysages , K2 Promotion and Razel-Bec.

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