“Continue my fight”: MP RN Lopez-Liguori candidate for the legislative elections in the 7th constituency of Hérault

“Continue my fight”: MP RN Lopez-Liguori candidate for the legislative elections in the 7th constituency of Hérault

Le député RN entend conserver sa circonscription. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

The Sète National Rally deputy, Aurélien Lopez-Liguori, will be a candidate to succeed him on June 30 for the first round of the legislative elections.

What was your reaction to the results of the European elections on Sunday evening ?

This is a major victory for us. The French have demonstrated their clear and scathing rejection of the policy led by Emmanuel Macron and their aspiration for change. Jordan Bardella was right to place the debate of these European elections on a vote for or against the policies of Emmanuel Macron. The answer is clear. But beyond that, such a large victory is the demonstration that the French approve of the issues we are raising. Today, we are ready. We have the ambition to have an absolute majority, and to have Jordan Bardella as Prime Minister. We are already working on the composition of a government.

In the 7th constituency, the one where you are elected deputy, do you intend to continue your action ?

I intend to continue my fight for France and for my territory. I am placing in the hands of the Hérault voters the trust they placed in me two years ago. I call on the people of Hérault who wish to engage in the recovery of the nation to join me in forming a patriotic parliamentary majority.

Did you expect such results in Sète and the Thau basin ?

We are making strong progress everywhere. In the 7th constituency, we got 42% of the votes. We are leading in all the communes in the constituency. It is very interesting, and we have room for improvement everywhere… In Sète alone, we got 6,245 votes, while I myself got 3,659 in the first round of the legislative elections two years ago.

How do you see the formation of a republican front in your constituency ?

The only republican front is us. I think the French have understood that. Unlike other parties, I cannot be accused of having destabilized the Republic at any time. I also participated in the rallies against anti-Semitism in Paris. Since I was elected, I have continued to fight in the National Assembly and on the ground.

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