Cost of parking: are parking lots expensive in Montpellier ?

Cost of parking: are parking lots expensive in Montpellier ?

Le coût calculé prend en compte le stationnement en voirie et les parkings souterrains. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

Dans le top 10 des villes les plus chères pour se garer, une étude de l'application Zenpark classe Montpellier en sixième position, avec 101 € par mois… 

Unsurprisingly, Paris is far ahead. Parking in the capital costs on average 207 € per month. Complete the podium: Marseille (151 €/month) and Lyon (111 €/month). Followed by Toulouse (107 €) and Lille (103 €). 

And Montpellier in all that ? With an average parking cost estimated at 101 € per month, the Hérault prefecture occupies sixth place in this ranking. Half less than Paris, 50% less expensive than Marseille. 

207 € in Paris, 58 € in Strasbourg 

Also in the ranking: Bordeaux (91 €), Nantes (75 €),  Rennes (68 €) and Strasbourg (58 € ), where prices are attractive.

Information obtained, this average parking price also concerns the underground car parks managed by Tam. Why such a study on the part of Zenpark ? Quite simply because the application displays thirteen car parks (at the Caf de l'Hérault or at the Citadines d'Antigone for example) with which it reduces the cost of parking in Montpellier to an average of 82 € per month. A good plan ? Maybe. You be the judge.

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