“Create a track record for the training center”, the BLMA U18s want to win their first Coupe de France against Mondeville

“Create a track record for the training center”, the BLMA U18s want to win their first Coupe de France against Mondeville

Les U18 du BLMA peuvent rentrer dans l’histoire du club. BLMA – BLMA

The BLMA U18s are playing in the final of the Coupe de France, this Saturday (9 a.m.), against Mondeville. The reward for a flawless journey.

In search of a first title, the BLMA U18s face the Norman club of Mondeville, this Saturday (9 a.m.) in the Coupe de France final in Bercy.

The young Héraultaises face a team that they have not met all season and a club accustomed to youth finals. Indeed, Mondeville has nine French U18 championship titles including the last is none other than that of last year.

Despite everything, there is hope for the young Gazelles. "We have the means to do something", consider their coach Damien Leroux.

"Everyone did their part’

With an accomplished journey, the BLMA logically won its ticket to the final, by eliminating Lyon in the semi-final (55-38). A course mastered from start to finish, with comfortable victories, started in the round of 16 against Tournefeuille (80-47).

The rest was a great domination to reach the final with victories against Tarbes (54-35) and Bourges (72-55).

Program for the 2024 Coupe de France finals

Saturday April 27
9am – U18 Women’s Final
USO Mondeville – Montpellier slats

11:30 – Men's U17 final
Cholet Basket – ASVEL Lyon Villeurbanne

2 p.m. – Women's Pro Final (Joé Jaunay Trophy)
Basket Landes (LFB) – Bourges Basket (LFB)

4:30 p.m. – Men's Pro Final (Robert Busnel Trophy)
JDA Dijon (Betclic ELITE) – SIG Strasbourg (Betclic ELITE)

A particularly memorable encounter for team captain Myriam Traoré, "Against Bourges, everyone did their part . This is the wealth of our collective."

The final obtained rewards the efforts made over the past three years. "It’s a dream that we built together. We arrived with a large group of 2006s three years ago and this year is our last chance, explains the captain.

Possibility of a historic hat-trick

At the end of the season, the players will take different paths just like the team's coach Damien Leroux who will leave the BLMA. "I've been here for seven years, I need a new challenge", esteem the coach of the hopes.

Apart from the final of the Coupe de France, Lattes-Montpellier also qualified for the final four hopefuls and is still in the race to reach that in U18. Trophies which have never been won by the Hérault club.

For BLMA general manager Olivier Ribotta, these good results perfectly sum up the club’investment in the training center: "L&amp ;rsquo;objective is also to create a list of achievements for the training center. And why not start this Saturday.

The U18 Group: Brun, Farcy, Favreau, Kavoka, Keita A, Keita F., Michel, Mizgala, Peeters, Polyte, Tagayi, Traoré (cap.).

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