Crisps, popcorn, cereals… how the Nutri-score pushes product improvement in France, revelations from American researchers

Crisps, popcorn, cereals... how the Nutri-score pushes product improvement in France, revelations from American researchers

Le système de notation de A à E a des vertu insoupçonnées. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Des industriels ont rehaussé leur qualité, en France, illustre une étude de chercheurs américains

Moins de gras, de sel et de sucre. Le Nutri-score a incité les industriels à devenir plus vertueux en améliorant la qualité de leurs recettes.

This is shown by an American study published in the European Review of Agricultural Economics.

American researchers have, for this, sifted through thousands of references of chips, cereals and popcorns, products that are largely processed and therefore easily modifiable, by comparing these products sold in France with those found in Italy and the United Kingdom.

Two countries which do not apply the Nutri-score. Result: the foods sold in France are better for your health.

Should it be made obligatory in Europe ?

"There was also an increase in the proportion of fiber or protein in these products", note Chantal Julia, professor of nutrition at Sorbonne Paris-Nord University, quoted by France Inter.

"The display of the Nutri-score will mainly affect consumers who are interested in questions of nutrition and health, while changes to the in-depth food offering will affect all consumers, including those who, a priori, are not aware of these issues of nutrition and health, underlines the expert.

An influence on consumers

Since its launch six years ago, more than 150 studies have shown the impact of the Nutri-score on consumer purchasing habits, but also the evolution of the quality of certain products.

According to Serge Hercberg, nutritionist at the origin of this evaluation system, interviewed Tuesday on franceinfo, its evaluation criteria must also evolve constantly, "depending on the evolution of science, the food supply and changes in recipes", he underlines. The algorithm has also been refined since January 1, 2024.

These industrialists who don't play the game

But its creator recommends modifying it every three to four years. Problem: some manufacturers end up giving up, like Bjorg, who withdrew from the system after a change in the Nutri-score which downgraded the rating of its products.

Others, like Ferrero, Lactalis, Mars, Coca-Cola still refuse to display it. "To be perfectly effective, Nutri -score must be made compulsory within the countries of the European Union", argues Serge Hercberg.

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