Crodarom, a Lozère industrial gem well established, hidden from view

Crodarom, a Lozère industrial gem well established, hidden from view

Crodarom conditionne la majeure partie de ses extraits botaniques en bidons. Midi Libre – Célian Guignard

The Chanacois chemical company, which mainly produces ingredients of plant origin for cosmetics, is part of the multinational Croda. It opened its doors, this Wednesday, June 5, 2024, to a delegation from the Occitanie region led by Jalil Benabdillah, eighth vice-president in charge of the Economy, Employment, of Innovation and Reindustrialization. Visit.

It’s not every day that Crodarom opens its doors. So, when the discreet company with multiple industrial secrets receives guests on its 6,090,090 m2 site within the Les Plaines de Chanac business park, it does not skimp on the explanations. This Wednesday, June 5, there is a delegation from the Occitanie Region, led by Jalil Benabdillah (read elsewhere), eighth vice-president in charge of the Economy, Employment, Innovation and Reindustrialization, which was welcomed.

For the occasion, Delphine Gely, the marketing manager, has included all the elements which allow us to understand the context in which Crodarom operates. "We are a very small company with an almost family dimension, it begins. We are, however, part of ’ a large international group, Croda (since 2000). You have all, one day, used one of our ingredients, as we work in areas that affect consumers."

"30 tons of dry plants per year"

Croda, a multinational chemical company, is present on all continents. Established in 39 countries, it has 92 sites and approximately 5,800 employees. Its Lozère subsidiary Crodarom and its 70 employees (68 full-time equivalents) mainly manufacture plant-based ingredients for cosmetics. "We are suppliers of the botanical extract, specifies Delphine Gely. Our international customers (including many luxury brands), after having approved the supplier Croda, will have all the products supplied by our group. All we needed was the perfume. This has recently been done in Grasse (with the acquisition of Parf’ex, in 2021, Editor's note)."

For its botanical extracts, Crodarom uses various raw materials, which come from all over the world: flowers, leaves, roots, seeds… Every year, it buys nearly 30 tons of dry plants from 300 different species, 50% coming from organic farming. "We also have some minerals, confides the manager. It’s very conceptual, very marketing. Some brands, for example, use pearl to add shine."

500 different products

The Chanacoise company is also proud to count on "a very strong management system Quality, hygiene, safety, environment (QSHE)". It benefits from numerous certifications: ISO 14 001, for the environment and waste management ; ISO 9 001, for quality and customer satisfaction ; ISO 45 001, for the safety of employees at their workstation. It also meets the European standards for cosmetic ingredients  EFfCI (European federation for cosmetic ingredients) and has a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program.

To achieve such a level of excellence, Crodarom relies on a highly efficient research and development laboratory. "We are able to identify all of the molecules contained in the plant. We will then analyze their properties, before establishing a whole program on an ingredient that we will position on a very specific activity: anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, moisturizing, soothing for the skin. ;

A patented technology

Crodarom also benefits from cutting-edge industrial equipment, which allows it to manufacture 500 different products. In certain cases, extraction technology microwave assisted patented by the company is even used. "It’is a very quick process – ninety seconds – ideal for all molecules sensitive to light or even heat."

Crodarom, a Lozère industrial gem well established, hidden from view

Julien Boiral, director of the site, distills his explanations to Jalil Benabdillah. Midi Libre – Célian Guignard

In 2023, Crodarom's production was 1,000 tonnes for a turnover of some 14 million euros. represents 7% of its sales; Europe, Africa and the Middle East, 75%. "Our production was a little lower than usual, concedes the marketing manager. The most we have done is 1 500 tonnes." But 2024 is shaping up to be a year later. rsquo;already like a good vintage: "We have a recovery. To date, we are at + 12 %", reveals Julien Boiral, director of the site.

"Succeed in the necessary transformation of our economic models"

Crodarom, a Lozère industrial gem well established, hidden from view

Jalil Benabdillah alongside Dominique Chollet, research and development manager at Crodarom. Midi Libre – Célian Guignard

Jalil Benabdillah, vice-president of the Region, is traveling through Occitania as part of the “Switch to Eco Dev mode” tour. Interview.

Why this trip to Lozère ?

We want to promote all territories, economic development, the creation of wealth, jobs and added value. We want to show that we are not only focused on mid-sized companies (ETI), large groups, sectors of excellence such as aeronautics and on metropolises, Montpellier and Toulouse. The message that I also came to convey is that we must succeed in the necessary transformation of our economic models by integrating three levers: the first, climate; the second, technological and digital; the third, social and societal.

In addition to Crodarom, you also visited Creative Variations, in Albaret-Sainte-Marie. Two companies that the Region has helped…

We effectively co-financed the extension of Crodarom and helped Variations Créatives in its development, in particular with an Export Recovery Pass.

Two completely different companies…

Creative Variations makes incredible, innovative products. She faces strong competition. Crodarom, on the other hand, is a specialty chemical company, with very high-end products. It is protected by its know-how and expertise in a large group listed on the stock exchange. These are two very different equations. Their common point is that they are committed to a territory, to CSR, to the quality of life at work…hellip;

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