Cyberharassment of Magali Berdah: 28 Internet users sentenced to sentences up to prison

Cyberharassment of Magali Berdah: 28 Internet users sentenced to sentences up to prison

28 personnes ont été condamnées pour avoir harcelé Magali Berdah en ligne. MAXPPP – Eric Ottino

Le délibéré du procès des personnes accusées de cyberharcèlement envers Magali Berdah est tombé ce mardi 19 mars 2024.

She had been the victim of massive attacks on social networks. Influence specialist, social networks and influencer agent Magali Berdah had suffered waves of hatred online. His attackers were found guilty of cyberharassment and death threats.

28 people sentenced

During the deliberations this Tuesday, sentences of up to prison were handed down against 28 people, reports BFMTV. The weakest are subject to suspended prison terms (4 months). As for prison sentences, they will be carried out using an electronic bracelet.

Half of those tried received prison sentences, the other received suspended sentences.

All the defendants were found guilty for all of the charges: cyberstalking, death threats, threats of crime, threats due to supposed membership of a religion . Magali Berdah will receive 54 000 euros in damages.

Booba declines all responsibility

The popess of influence had also filed a complaint against X (Twitter) and against the rapper Booba. The latter had made the fight against the excesses of influencers his battleground.

Since October, the rapper has been indicted for aggravated online moral harassment. He is also placed under judicial supervision.

He would have, between May 2022 and May 2023, sent nearly 487 messages targeting Magali Berdah via social networks. He was also accused of having played the role of pack leader for the 28 defendants sentenced on Tuesday, a position that he had refused to be assigned, declining any responsibility for their actions.< /p>

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