Cybersecurity: Montpellier start-up Pradeo signs a partnership with Orange Cyberdefense

Cybersecurity: Montpellier start-up Pradeo signs a partnership with Orange Cyberdefense

La start-up montpelliéraine Pradeo signe un partenariat avec Orange Cyberdefense. DR – DR

The Montpellier-based company has signed and announced a contract with the operator's corporate cybersecurity subsidiary.

The scale-up created in Montpellier Pradeo, which defines itself as "world leader in mobile cybersecurity", announces a partnership with Orange Cyberdefense, the operator's cybersecurity branch, aimed at businesses. Under this contract, it will provide its application, which detects intrusions and threats on professional mobile phone fleets, to the cybersecurity offer of the operator's subsidiary.

Facing "current context of the cyber threat and the strong demand from our customers, it seemed important to us to extend our detection and response capacity on mobile terminals" explains Xavier Warnier, product manager at Orange Cyberdéfense. Pradeo's application will join Cyber-SOC (which stands for "Security Defense Center", security defense center in French), the main offering to companies automatically managed by Pradeo technicians. Orange Cyberdefense, composed of a catalog of cybersecurity solutions for their fleets.

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A partnership that raises the company to the level of the Americans

Provided by Orange Cyberdefense in its catalog to all its current and future cybersecurity customers, the Pradeo application will concern all of Europe, where the Orange subsidiary operates . "Thanks to this partnership, we are reaching the level of the Americans in this type of scope, with the association of two international companies" notes Roxane Suau, senior vice-president of marketing at Pradeo. The amount of this agreement has not been disclosed.

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Created in 2010 by Clément and Stéphane Saad, Pradeo signed a global partnership with Samsung in September 2021, in order to secure the mobile phone fleet of the South Korean giant's corporate clients.

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