Cycling, such a low carbon footprint

Cycling, such a low carbon footprint

Quid de l'emrpeinte carbone du cycliste etd e sa monture ? Midi Libre – CODO

Getting into cycling, for every reason, is good and also virtuous. But what about the cyclist’s real carbon footprint? This week, Le Nez dans le Handlebar takes stock. Come on, saddle up!

Bravo! Cyclist attendance has exploded in Montpellier! Congratulations, your carbon impact is fundamentally reduced. But what really is my footprint as a cyclist ?

Before the 80s, bikes were made of steel. Then came stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and finally carbon fiber. Except for tires and inner tubes, almost all of a steel or aluminum bicycle is recyclable.

Much less true for a carbon or electric bike. However, when we can recycle, we limit our environmental impact. Simple observation however: the more you keep your proud steed, the more you will reduce its footprint, and therefore yours.

Standards are over!

In the 80s, the manufacturing quality of parts, bearings and other components was incredible, and standards common to different brands allowed for easier and cheaper repairs too.

Nowadays, each manufacturer strives to create its own standards, and in 10 years or less, it is a safe bet that you will not find replacement parts. We will explain to you that it is linked to technological developments: True, but is it really necessary?

So virtuous: choosing an older used bike is smart and the parts cost less. Choosing a new bike means opting for a 2-year warranty and you avoid surprises, provided you opt for correct initial quality.

From bike to plane, a few extra kilos

Before delving into the subject, let's compare the footprint linked to the manufacture of your bike's frame: Steel: 17.5 ;kg CO2; Stainless or titanium: 55 kg CO2, Carbon: 16 times more, or 280 kg of CO2! Over their lifespan, the footprint will be similar, based on 15,000 km traveled per bike.

For comparison, you emit 9 kg of CO2 every 100 km by flying! Yes I know… You don’go to the same place by bike and by plane. But cycling every day before going to Bali, that will already be a win.

Section produced with Le Croquet de Talus velociste at 3, rue Lunaret.

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