“Dangerous” practice without “any therapeutic value”: colon hydrotherapy would not be as beneficial as we believe

“Dangerous” practice without “any therapeutic value”: colon hydrotherapy would not be as beneficial as we believe

The practice can have risks of infection or perforation of the colon, according to some professionals. MAXPPP – Frédéric Cirou

If the practice of colon hydrotherapy has tended to develop in recent times, it is no less dangerous.

The practice of colon hydrotherapy consists of "cleansing of the intestine". Using a machine, water is injected through a tube inserted into the rectum and should allow toxins to be evacuated.

For Doctor Patrick Gasser, "the notion of detoxifying the colon with water enemas is quite folkloric ".

Du "charlatanism"

On average, it takes between 70 and 140 euros per session, according to a BFMTV survey published on May 28. In France if the practice is more and more fans and is offered by many firms, it is no less dangerous.

Questioned by our colleagues, Claire Siret, general practitioner and president of the public health section of the national council of the Order of Physicians, alerted to this practice which is similar to from "charlatanism". Indeed it may have risks infection or colon perforation : "The risk is real, unlike the benefits ", she assures.

"No therapeutic virtue"

"Colon hydrotherapy absolutely does not stimulate the immune system, nor does it promote venous return and does not detoxify. There is nothing to detoxify, I remind you that stools are not toxic", she says to BFMTV< /em>.

If today the trend is towards cleansing and detoxifying the body, colon hydrotherapy " has absolutely no virtue therapeutic", explains the doctor.

Furthermore, it should not be confused with the medical act of enema, which is carried out in the hospital. It is rarely used even on people suffering from severe constipation, with doctors favoring laxatives first.

A "strictly medical act"

If it becomes fashionable, particularly on social networks, the practice of colon hydrotherapy remains illegal if it is not practiced by a professional holding the diploma of ;State of medical doctor, specifies the General Directorate of Health to BFMTV.

Any professional who does not hold this diploma and practices this "strictly medical act", s’ faces two years of imprisonment and a fine of 30,000 euros.

There are other, much gentler techniques for taking care of your colon

like "classic detoxes, with draining plants, or a monodiet", explains the Naturopathy Union.

Consumption of foods rich in fiber such as "leeks, artichokes or whole grains, is also a long-term solution, to include in your eating habits", specifies the site.

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