Death of Nahel: why a reconstruction of the facts is being organized this Sunday at the scene of the tragedy ?

Death of Nahel: why a reconstruction of the facts is being organized this Sunday at the scene of the tragedy ?

It is at the corner of this street that the reconstruction of the facts will take place. Google Street View screenshot

Ten months after the death of young Nahel, 17, killed by police shooting in Nanterre in June 2023, justice brings together this Sunday, May 5, the protagonists for a reconstruction of the facts.

Almost a year after the death of Nahel, 17, shot on the 27th June 2023 in Nanterre by a police officer, a reconstruction is organized this Sunday at the scene of the events, at the corner of Passage François Arago and Boulevard de la Défense, in Nanterre.

This reconstruction will have to determine whether the police officer, indicted for intentional homicide, was in danger at the time of the shooting. If he could have backed up or if he was stuck between the yellow Mercedes driven by Nahel and a low wall? Was his colleague's safety at stake? Was Nahel beaten with rifle butts just before the shooting ? The magistrates ensured that this reconstruction, crucial in trying to bring out the truth, took place before the new phase of work redevelopment of this axis.

A site under high security

A car similar to the one driven by Nahel will be mobilized, but the investigating judges do not exclude to bring the damaged vehicle, if necessary, indicates our colleagues from Parisien.

According to a source close to the matter, "enormous security of the site&quot ; is planned, in the presence of the two police officers, Nahel's two passengers and even witnesses. Worried for the safety of the two civil servants, threatened with death on numerous occasions, the lawyer for the alleged shooter's pair, had requested that this reconstruction, the date of which leaked to the press a few weeks ago, be… ;relocated.

Nevertheless, the investigating judges considered that the security conditions would be met. The two police officers will be equipped with bulletproof vests and balaclavas to preserve their anonymity.

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